3D projekt in Pécs

3D projekt in Pécs

„Complex and fantastic things can be made with this miracle” – said Péter Dlusztus, when he started his lecture about the 3D printing in the Pécs Community House. On 24th January we could have a closer look at this technological invention. It is a big pleasure that we can work with this device from the Craftunique Hungarian company.

In one complex project we can acquire 3D vision, creative designing, using designer software and language skills. On one model, many of our skills can be developed. Mathematical, geometrical, information technological and graphical knowledge is used while we design and print objects. There are other fields of studies, which can be involved such as physics, biology, geography and many more.

The next day (25th January) we gathered again to continue the 3D project and the first products had been made: A 3D Csányi Foundation logo and a fishbone! We were so proud!

The following occasions will define our knowledge in printing with professional management from Mr. Dlusztus to achieve further goals in our lives such as using software and programmes in education and labour. Furthermore we can be a better work force in real life with these skills.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Csányi Foundation for granting us the 3D project and the printer.

Pécs groups


„How we saw it…”

„With this device we can create almost anything and show our creativity as a self-expression.” Laura Albert Pécs 1

„I think 3D printing is interesting, because we can form imagined special objects and it is so extraordinary to use such a machine.” Lili Demerácz Pécs 2

„I have never used a 3D printer before, but I like it very much, because I can create what I design” Dzsenifer Csernyánszky

„In the world of education there are several changes and one course of development trends to be the 3D printing even in public education. In these ages we also want to keep pace so we have started this project at the Csányi Foundation. During the first lessons there were 41 kids and three mentors. Originally I have been leading the 3D course at Janus Pannonius High School as the maths and IT teacher of the school, where my students have already obtained serious results recently. I am really enthusiastic and motivated when I see the kids working and reaching success. Moreover it is highly important that our students get practical results after their work and printing encourages learning for them involving different fields of studies. The first lessons showed the history of 3D printing, the structure of the printer, theoretical background and printing technologies. Naturally the designing was emphasised too so the first self-made products could be made here. We used Tinkercad designer software for the process and it surprised even me how fast the students from Pécs groups could encounter designing and printing. Péter Dlusztus project leader teacher