Irregular Saturday

Irregular Saturday

We spent November’s last Saturday watching a movie in Nagybajom. We watched the movie Christopher Robin while eating pop corn and drinking coke. We had that true cinema feeling there. After the movie we talked freely about it with our mentors. NB 1, NB 2

„The point of the film was that we mustn’t forget about our beloved ones and it doesn’t matter how old we get, the child will always be in us.” Vanessza Kovács and Dorina Garai NB 2

„I think the start, when that war scene was going on, taught me about thinking good and positive things only.” Boglárka Szalai Nb2

„We just watched a movie full of emotions. It had its own essence and message toward the viewer. It tells us to not to forget about showing our feelings toward our loved ones. It taught me a lot. Especially that we ALWAYS have to fight for our dreams and never hurt anyone doing that. We should never forget about our loved ones and always appreciate the time spent with them.” Vivien Bogdán NB1 and Bianka Kovács NB 2

During the afternoon, Krisztián Galambos held a presentation about our own flora. “I had a presentation for the little ones in Nagybajom today. I talked about the flora of our own region and the flora at the southern parts of the country. It was my pleasure to see these children’s curiousity. They asked several question after it so I assume they enjoyed it.” Krisztián Galambos, student – Szent István University