Advent Family Day in Nagybajom

Advent Family Day in Nagybajom

17 December:

Groups 1 and 2 of Nagybajom also held their joint Advent family day. By nine in the morning, the Community House was buzzing with activity; parents chatting informally, little brothers and sisters engaged in crafts, while gingerbread was being decorated in the kitchen. The two groups from Nagybajom prepared a joint performance under the coordination of Milán Vajda. The performance was followed by a short discussion with parents and the presentation of Christmas gift packages. Special thanks to our volunteers for their help!

December 10:

Over the weekend we successfully organised our annual Advent Family Day. It was good to see each other again, and we were happy to have all the actors of our six-month work together again. After a short introductory text, we treated the parents to a little chamber show. We had prepared a show where we tried to please all the children (in the cast), so the little ones were given a variety of tasks. We had a cameraman in the person of Kristóf K., a presenter courtesy of Timike, a piano rendition of “The Angel from Heaven” adapted by Evelin and various Christmas carols set to music with flute by Nike. In addition, the others – Kristóf, Nikolász, Szabi, Gyuszi, Leila, Réka, Kamilla, Fruzsina, Bazsi and Ádám – also took part in the performance for parents. We prepared the performance with the help of Pap Virág.

Afterwards, there was a small appreciation and evaluation of the year, of the time spent together. The families expressed their thanks for the gifts from the Bonafarm Group. Afterwards, the members of the group gave each other presents and the boys were invited to participate in a home FIFA tournament. The girls and mums made table decorations with the help of Tündi Horváthné Varga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all three groups in Nagybajom!