I successfully obtained my degree

I successfully obtained my degree

When I gained admission to the Csányi Foundation, a whole new world opened up in front of me. In this new community I quickly made new friends, while in a few years’ time I had the chance to indulge in new hobbies as well. Whenever I had to face hardships, or if I had reached a crucial decision, I could always rely on my mentor and my groupmates, too. Throughout the years, a well strong and motivated team has been forged, which heavily contributed to my improvement both in terms of studying and research. Not only in my studies did the Foundation provide me help with – it gave a lot more than that.

In the years following the admission of the new junior group, I learned and improved a lot thanks to the classes of the Science Club and the Photography Club, and the Research Days. All these opportunities were important milestones on my path to obtaining my bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering.

I would like to say thank you to my mentor for helping me constantly tirelessly, as well as to the Foundation for the generous support.


Szabolcs Turuczki

Group 2 of Szeged