Fernanda has arrived

Fernanda has arrived

I’m writing to tell you all a little bit about my experience so far.

My name is Fernanda and I’m an engeneering student from Brazil. This January I’ll be working for 6 weeks at the Csanyi Foundation in Kaposvár.

What I can tell you so far is that it’s been an amazing experience every step of the way. First, you see yourself in a situation you’ve never lived before. So you’ll have challenges such as the habits and language barriers. But once you’ve done it, the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

Second of all, in my case at least, you get to work beside and with some amazing people. Gifted and sensitive children as well as capable and kind hearted mentors and teachers. For an infinite number of reasons really, this six week experience is something that’s been bringing me nothing but growth spiritually and intellectually and joy to my heart.

Hope whoever is reading this get to experience the same.

Best wishes! Frenada, AIESECer from Brazil