Anthony Marchetti

Anthony Marchetti

Today (12th November) an American Fulbright scholar visited the Community House of Jászberény, and held a presentation about the art photography.

First, Anthony presented his country and he told some interesting things about him. He revealed that his grandmother was a Hungarian woman. After we heard about the history of the photography from a really special aspect. In the end of the presentation he showed us his own pictures and he added some personal comments on each of them.

I was so pleased as three of us invited him to the Jász Museum. There we told him some things about the history of Hungary and of the Jászság. Introduced him the local traditional wear and were telling a lot about some famous people from our history. After looking around in Jászberény showing him the sights we headed back to the Community House. Aki, who escorted Anthony spoke well Spanish, so I also could gained from talking to her. It is wonderful speaking languages – we not only were talking about American traditions, and life there but also were sharing experiences on Christmas traditions of each countries. This was a great chance for me, because I could use my both of the languages I am learining at school.

Thank you for the briliant presentation and this nice day for the Foundation, to Anthony and Aki!

Tóth Zsófia Jászság 3.