English Travel Journal

English Travel Journal

Part6/Day 6 Today was our last day at school, which made us feel blue, because even within this short space of time we have made new friends we sadly leave behind. At the end of the lessons, we all received our certificates as a proof of completing the course successfully. Instead of the usual beach games, today we were taken to a shopping center, where everyone could look around or buy some souvenirs to take home. After having dinner, once again, we all gathered together at the beach to say a final goodbye. As it began to darken, we went home as well, because on Saturday an exciting trip is waiting for us to the capital, London.

Part 5/Day5

Yesterday, besides learning, we visited a nature park, and we were taken there by the typical English double-decker bus. There we were divided into smaller teams of six and discovered the terrain in the form of a treasure hunt. We have not really seen such a beautiful place before. The classes were again full of excitement, and we especially enjoy that we are surrounded by the target language everywhere as there are many foreign students we can and are supposed to talk to during and between lessons. In the evening it was fun to play bowling and to get better and better at it. I feel sad that we don’t have much time left in Bournemouth, but we try to make the best of the time remaining.

Part 4/Day 4

This day has arrived at last. Days fly very quickly, we can go home very soon. But still there are some interesting programmes that we can take part in. Today the junior students started went to a nearby field to play sports. We have learnt the rules of ultimate frisbee, rugby and cricket. Obviously, we not just learned them but played them as well. We also played football, badminton and handball. After lunch we sat back into our classrooms to learn more about the present tenses and prepositions. The school was followed by a quick dinner at our host families then we met at the school and went to the disco, which we enjoyed so much that we did not want to stop. There were many other students from different countries so it was a real international night out.

The senior students started the day at the school. The time came to put together everything we have learnt so far and we had to make a complete business plan introducing a brand, make the financial plan and advertising plans. We enjoyed this lesson very much because we had to think a lot and speak only English. After lunch we learned from the junior students what to expect during the afternoon so we prepared ourselves for the games. Naturally, football was the sport we played but soon the sun was shining too hot to play so we sat together in the shade and discussed the difference between the English and Hungarian educational system with the local team leaders. I think we enjoyed this the most. After dinner at the host families we also joined to the group and went to the disco to relax a bit after this long day.

Kovács Tibor P1 és Makra Sarolta SZ3


Part 3/Day 3

On the third day, just like on the other days, the senior students stayed at school and studied, while the junior students went to the beach to learn more about traditional English sport games.

The school’s group leaders tried to teach us the rules of cricket but there were so many other interesting that it got forgotten. We were split up into small groups and started building sand castle on the beach or listened to music or some of us swam in the cool water. Ball games still run the show as the most popular game on the beach. After lunch the junior students went to the school and the senior ones went to the beach to do the same.

The evening programme was the Splashdown, which we enjoyed very much. We can adjust adverbs like great, memorable to this day.

Antal Dominik, Gyurka Péter


Part 2/Day 2

On the second day our friend from Transylvania shares us her thoughts about her first visit abroad.

“Dear Friends,

No one could imagine how wonderful trip I have here in England, even myself couldn’t imagine it. On the other hand the first two days were tiring. It was strange to fly by plane and see the landscape from 10.000 metres. The sky was true blue over the clouds. It was such a life-long experience. My English host family greeted me nicely, it is strange for me that they welcomed me warm-heartedly even I am a stranger to them.  It was new to me to speak with people whose native language is English. Today’s best moment, and probably the whole week’s, was to go down to the beach and sea the see, I cannot explain the feeling to see it for the first time. I was just sitting there lost in my thoughts. It was simply wonderful to see the endless blue. Strolling on the each was another experience, hear the seagulls, feel the breeze and the sun on my skin. I also tried to go into the water with my new friends.

I could relax and admire this beautiful land. We played beachball and collected seashells on the beach.

After the morning activities we went back to the school because it was time to study. We were split into small groups and started studying with our new teacher. I had to pay attention to what the others say. We had a class in the morning where we had useful information about the following days. The food is also good here, we get crisps and chocolate as well.

I am happy to be part of this wonderful trip and I would like to say thank you for this programme.

Majlát Noémi

Part 1/Day 1

“To our great joy, we finally arrived at our English language camp in Bournemouth. There are participants from all of our community houses. As the winners of the language competition, we can practice our English skills in a British language environment. Most of us travelled by plane for the first time, which proved to be a bit scary at first, but after the take-off we calmed down and enjoyed the dazzling view. On our way to Bournemouth we could experience the left-hand traffic, which we found very strange, but we hope that after a while we will get used to it. The trip was “a little” adventurous, but the hospitality of the host families made us forget about the long day. We look forward to tomorrow’s school day and the experiences offered by this island country.” Emma and Eszter Sárközi, K2