Angol nyelvi tábor Bournemouth-ban

Angol nyelvi tábor Bournemouth-ban

The fifty-four young people from the Foundation were surely looking forward to the last Sunday of June with great excitement: we left the “old continent” and set off for Great Britain!

The groups from Jászság and Szentes, who have just finished eighth grade, are participating in their first foreign language camp. For a week, they will be studying English at a language school in Bournemouth, South England, enjoying the experiences of the coastal town and admiring its sights. They were joined by older students who performed outstandingly in the foundation’s English language competition and our peers from Transylvania.

The first day was all about excitement. None of the younger ones had traveled by plane before, and many had never been abroad. Our journey was pleasant, although the turbulence caused by passing through a windy zone surprised us. Our excitement didn’t end after landing: once everyone successfully found their luggage, we took a bus from Heathrow Airport to Bournemouth. We went straight to the language school, where the school principal was already waiting for us, along with the parents who welcomed the children and took them to their homes to spend the upcoming week. This excited the younger ones the most! The first evening was all about getting to know each other. We gave our gifts to the host families, and conversations began everywhere, with some hosts immediately taking the children to explore the area. After the summer heat back home, it felt good to be outdoors in the pleasant, more spring-like temperatures. Everyone lives close to the school and the beach, so with a bit of local knowledge, they can easily get around the neighborhood. We all hope that the native language environment and the intensive language training will greatly help the children achieve their language certification as soon as possible! -Kovács Sándor, mentor, Szentes Group 1.

Our Monday program started with everyone arriving at school by 8:30. We were then divided into two groups. One group went to class, while the other went down to the beach, where we could play, walk, and go into the water. Everyone had a great time. At noon, our lunch arrived, and then we switched places. Those who had class in the morning went to the beach, and those who were at the beach in the morning went to class. During the first part of the lesson, we had the opportunity to get to know our fellow group members and did fun activities to improve our knowledge. In the last part, we started the week-long project that we need to finish by Friday. After class, everyone went home to their host families, where they had time to get ready and have dinner because in the evening, we walked to get ice cream. Later, we had free time to go wherever we wanted, as long as our host families allowed us. After such a busy day, we went home tired.

Today we went crabbing at Mudeford Quay with the Bournemouth School of English, who taught us the intricacies of the craft. However, all our attempts were unsuccessful: few crabs were caught, and the weather did not make things easier. Despite all this, we really enjoyed the program and the time spent together. Afterwards, we went to a local café for hot chocolate while we waited for the bus.
In the afternoon, after the English classes, we went down to the beach to make s’mores. Meanwhile, some people played volleyball or ventured close to the sea. We also got to know the Spanish group, with whom we spend the morning programs and lessons.


At the school, we were divided into two groups, and while one half set off, the others played attention games. When we arrived at Moors Valley Country Park, we began our little hike, which included snacking and playing on the playground.

After lunch, everyone went off to their classes, where we worked on improving our speaking skills and grammar, among other things.
In the evening, we went bowling and also tried out the arcade games.


On Thursday we hiked to another stretch of beach where anyone who felt like it could climb a plateau, while the rest of us were doing sports on the shore. Before our classes and lunch break, we still had time to eat an awful lot of ice cream. In the evening we had a huge party with the Spanish children, because the language school organized a karaoke party that day. The mentors also provided a buffet for all this, surprised us with a lot of fruit, but there was also a mini party grill sausage. The day passed cheerfully! Kitti Fehér: Szentes Group 1

Our Friday had a truly British atmosphere as it rained all day and was overcast, but we still managed to have a great time. In the morning, we split into our usual groups: one group had an English lesson while the other went to the tennis courts. Despite the bad weather, everyone actively participated in the activities. Afterwards, the two groups switched places. The final sessions were even more enjoyable as everyone was actively involved and the teachers prepared more playful tasks, considering it was the last day. Everyone could leave with a sense of achievement. In the evening, we had free-choice programs: some spent the evening together, while others formed groups, and everyone found something to do. This was a great opportunity for everyone to explore the city from their own perspective. Many were preparing for the next day when we would travel to London.

Today we took an exciting trip to London. The journey took about 2.5 hours, but the sights and the city’s vibrant life made every minute worth it. Our first stop was Buckingham Palace, where we were impressed by the splendor of the royal residence. The square in front of the palace was full of tourists, who, like us, marveled at the sight. We also visited Big Ben, the famous clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. The huge tower and the iconic clock were impressive. We spent lunchtime at the popular Five Guys restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious burgers and fries. After the quick service and tasty food, we set off for the afternoon with renewed energy. After lunch, we had free time, so everyone could explore more of London’s attractions or enjoy the city’s atmosphere. Then we set off home, with everyone preparing for the journey back on Sunday.

After the adventures in London, all that remained was to pack up in the evening, as the team left for the airport in the early hours of Sunday. The team arrived home tired, but enriched in language skills and full of experiences.



Angol nyelvi tábor Bournemouth-ban