Augsburg 2022

Augsburg 2022

The Foundation’s most talented German learning students, 21 students who successfully completed a year-long, five-round German language competition, were invited to take part in a one-week German language course at the ADK Language School in Augsburg. It was a great pleasure for all of us, as it was the first time since the pandemic turned the world upside down three years ago that we had been able to get on a plane and come back to Germany. By three o’clock on Sunday afternoon, we had arrived in Munich, from where we quickly reached Augsburg thanks to the perfect organisation. Everybody was excited about the first German lesson on Monday and about getting to know their host family and the city as well as possible.

On Monday morning, the German lessons started at 9am and we were all very eager to get started. We were divided into two groups and started to improve our language skills under the guidance of our native German teachers. The first language lessons were already very interesting and exciting. We had lunch together and had a good chat and then played a friendly bowling match at Bob’s Rock & Bowl. We spent the evening relaxing again with our host families. On Tuesday morning, we had the opportunity to extend our vocabulary with interactive exercises in language lessons and even improved our grammar: we practised the past tense, or more precisely the present perfect tense. After lunch, we took a tour of the Old Town and visited the Golden Hall of the City Hall and the Fuggerei. During the tour, we learned, among other things, that Augsburg is a Roman city and that it takes its name, Augusta Windelicorum, from the Emperor Augustus. We were also told by our guide, Andrea Keller, that the Fugerei, a social institution still in operation today, was founded by Jakob Fugger to provide assistance and housing for impoverished, Catholic, Augsburg residents. After so much new knowledge, we did a little shopping in the City-Galerie shopping centre and then headed home to our host families for dinner. After a super exciting Wednesday German class, we headed to the Textile and Industry Museum. Here we got to flex our creativity and screen print our own canvas bags. Once the beautiful designs were on the bags, we were shown around the museum. Our guide told us about the important role Augsburg played in the textile trade in the 1500s and how the factory still makes clothes for artists. We ended the day with a dinner in a cosy beer garden. We also learned a lot in the Thursday classes. After lunch, taking advantage of the sunny weather, we went boating in one of Augsburg’s most romantic parks. We spent the evening with our host families. On Friday we had our last language lessons, at the end of which everyone got a super mini board or card game. After lunch we visited the local cathedral together and finally, we learned even more about the Fugger family and medieval trade at the Fugger & Welser Experience Museum. We ended the day with a pizza dinner together. On Saturday, we took the train to Nuremberg, where we admired the old town and explored the castle with its magnificent views over the city. We sampled local specialities in a friendly Bavarian restaurant. After a hearty lunch, we went to an open-air museum where our different senses were put to the test by the toys on display. After the train back to Augsburg we spent another lovely evening with our hosts. On Sunday, after saying goodbye to our host families, we headed together to Munich airport. After a short delay, we arrived in Budapest. We had a lot of experiences and learned a lot. Thank you very much, vielen Dank! Mária Eszter Bogdán, Nagybajom Group 1

I had a great time during this week. My German skills have improved a lot. The lessons were very good.  I would like to come back to this city and to this nice family again. Laura Sándor, Nagybajom Group 1

This week was a significant one in my life, as it was a dream of mine for a long time to be able to use my German language skills in this way. I enjoyed every moment of it. I am happy to have met such a nice family and to have been part of a great community. I hope I will have the opportunity to come back to Augsburg again. Rebeka Völfinger, Nagybajom Group 1