German language camp in Augsburg

German language camp in Augsburg

Although it seemed that the heavens were against us, we arrived in Germany with unbroken enthusiasm despite the hour and a half delay and the cold, rainy weather. It was heart-warming to see last year’s host families welcoming the students who had stayed with them before with hugs and greetings. After a bit of organising, we managed to get everyone together and even old acquaintances were able to spend the week together.

The director and teachers of the ADK – Augsburger Deutschkurse language school – also welcomed our German students, old and new, with sincere joy. On Monday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm, classes were divided into groups according to language level. After the lessons, the team was happy and satisfied with the start, hoping that the rest of the lessons would be as good as the first.

We can only say good things about the host families: they were kind and helpful, no one complained, and we heard many positive comments from everyone. The weather once again tried its hand with some thunderstorms, but the bowling alley was in a great mood, and not only because of that. It was a huge derby, and not just in the hope of a tasty prize promised by the camp leader. The programme was a real team-builder. It was a joyful experience to see the team members encouraging each other and the other riders on the other track. At the end of the game, the winning team, and of course all the participants, received a small and last but not least delicious gift (thank you very m

While the kids spent the forenoons in the school wrestling with the mysteries of the German language, the mentors and small mentors fine-tuned the week’s programmes, adapting them to the weather forecast and, of course, the opening hours.

In the afternoons we try to enrich the group with a variety of activities. We will go boating, followed by an exciting city quiz to discover the cultural and historical sights of the German city. At the BigJump entertainment centre, we’ll keep fit on the trampolines and take a plunge into the world of VR. Several of the group are looking forward to visiting the botanical gardens and zoo again. On Saturday, we will spend the whole day in Nuremberg, admiring the castle and visiting an old, secret underground cellar system, which we will explore together with torches. It’s going to be an exciting week, and we’ll tell you all about it. Our pictures are updated daily in the gallery on our website.

Trixler Zsófia, mentor assistant