We did it

We did it

Mohács – 14 April

“Our Community House was the last one where the kids presented what they have learnt in this school year from the given topics. Though it was truly early and a wonderful springy day, all of the students turned up to take the challenge. We have been testing them on level B1 from English and German languages. I am extremly prould of my students because most of them are going to be ready for taking the B1 exam in coming September. Furthermore congratulations to Márkus Péter Krisztián, Mezei Adél, Sik Maja Írisz, who were the best among the best. We are prould of you all!” Tóth Tünde, tutor

Pécs – 13 April

As the school year is coming to its end the last oral exam of the language competition was held in the Community Center of Pécs. To our great pleasure all students were well prepared, their hard work is visible from their results. Their language competence is fastly developing. Many of them are on the level where they can obtain the next language certificate. Congratulations! Jobbágy Kata, Laufer Péter tutors

Kaposvár – 12 April

We had the honour to welcome today one of the Advisory Board members Csányi Ádám and his friends Jacqueline and Blecham who supported us as examiners at B2 English end-of-term oral exams. We hope to welcome them soon again as it was fun not only for us but as well for the kids.


Our guests: Csányi Ádám Advisory Board member, Jacqueline and Blecham, William and Benjamin Hamlin volunteers, Hamlin Zsuzsanna tutor, Adam Garnick Fulbright scolar,
Guigueno Thomas, Raigo Lokotar, Scharnhorst Daria-Marie Compass volunteers

“This was my second time assisting with the Foundation’s English exams. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the wonderful students of the Foundation. Even from a young age, the Csanyi students are highly motivated and exhibit impressive English skills. I worked with the B1-level students who demonstrated proficiency in discussing their preferences and interests. The students, as always, were creative and very entertaining—I always leave in a great mood after working with the students of the Csanyi Foundation.

I am also grateful for being able to work with the Csanyi Foundation because it has allowed me to experience various parts of Hungary. Beyond working with five students in Budapest, I have visited the Csanyi Community house in Szeged and now in Kaposvar. The Foundation students and staff, no matter where I go, are always warm and welcoming, and I am very excited to continue working with the Foundation in the future.” Adam Garnick, Fulbright scolar

Nagybajom – 11. April

“Today I had a second chance to help the teachers with the exams. It was really nice since I had the opportunity to help the teachers and also tell the studetns what I see as the mistakes in their english knowledge. Also I believe it was great for the studetns that they saw someone new and the atmosphere was kind so they didnt need to worry.” Launynas Adamos Timofeyevos Compass volunteer from Lithunia

“Today was my first time helping with the English exams. I worked with students at the B1 level and it was great to see how hard some of them are working.” Tanya Long Fulbright scolar

“Today has been my second time with language students. I think the way they are learning languages is not the best one to learn, generally they are too attach to a specific pattern and that makes them too rigid in their speech. I also think that evaluating them from 1 to 3 in each area does not give an accurate vision of their level. Anyway, I think their performance was quite good for students of their age.” Martinez Zapata Álvaro Compass volunteer from Spain

“It was really nice to be here, at home, again and see familiar faces while I could help the work of the Fundation. This language competition is diverse. It shows the importantance of learning foreing languages. I am happy to see the progress and wish a lot of fun to the children in learning new things and brightening up their world with the magic of learning languages.” Eszter M. Bogdán volunteer



Jászberény – 10th April Today  we had the second oral English and German exam at the Csányi Foundation. Ours teachers were supportive throughout the year so we could prepare ourselves to the exams. Most of us were very nervous but those who have completed numerous exams, usually encourage the others saying: „Do not worry”. Generally, these exams have a long run but at the end everybody is relieved and glad to pass it. Nagy Dávid Jászság 1, Burai Tamás Jászság 2


“Today was my first time ever volunteering with the Csányi Foundation. Coming into today, I was nervous and unsure of how I could exactly help these students. As soon as we began though, both I and the students naturally fell into a comfortable rhythm. It was great to conversate and interact with the students, learning about their lives and their passions. However, the best part of the day was seeing the progress each student had made since their previous exams in December. My takeaway: these students have bright futures, and are creative and engaging. The Csányi Foundation provides an incredible opportunity for these children, and I am greatful to participate in a small way in the Foundation’s mission to provide these children with the tools for a better life.” Eric S. Peters , Fulbright scolar


Szeged – 9th April It was my pleasure to help the Csányi Foundation in helping students prepare for English language exams. There were ten students taking the C1 preparation exam today. They performed in pairs, each presenting an extemporaneous speech on a given topic and then participating in a debate with each other. Some of the students came a little nervously, while others were relaxed and confident. The students made a good impression on me with their friendliness. One pair even shook hands with me and asked me about myself when we introduced ourselves. The students worked hard and performed well, and they also listened to the advice I gave them. I wish them the best of luck with their exams! Daniel Nyikos, Fulbright scolar