World of algae

World of algae

Today’s (28th October) our natural science topic was the world of algae.


In the first half of the lesson we discussed the most common algae species found in Hungary, which we drew in our exercise books and used for further determination of species.

In the second half of the lesson we finally determined the sex of our two new koi carps. We measured their weight and length of the fish. Based on the determination one of the two fish is male, which was fed with dry fish fodder and the other one, fed with live daphnia is female.

During the rest of the lesson Vanda and Dani started a daphnia experiment, while the other students took samples from the aquaponics in search for algae to be examined under microscopes. In the samples we found Volvex, Pediastrum and Euglena algae species. We could make some captions of these small animals through the lenses of the microscopes, which can be seen in the Gallery.

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Groups 2 and 3 of Szeged