My first impressions

My first impressions

My name is Valerie Kraft.

I’m 21 years old and I’m from Germany. I’m studying psychology in the third year. The next six weeks I’ll live in Hungary, respectively in Pécs and Nagybajom. Now I’m a volunteer in the Csányi Foundation. I want to improve the English and German skills of the pupil.

Yesterday (22. Fbruary) I came to Budapest by plane. In the evening I met Judit and we had a nice talk regarding the Foundation’s missiona nd my duties during my internship. She made me feel welcome and gave me a book about the Csányi Foundation.

Afterwards I slept in a hostel in Budapest and today I travelled to Pécs by train. At the train station I met the mentor Andrea and Gábor (one of the pupil). They showed me the community house and we ate something together. I was really glad that Gábor was there. He translated me everything and I was suprised how good his German is.

Now I’m at the community house and I’m happy that this organisation was my choice for my internship. My first impressions are really good. I’m excited about the next six weeks in Hungary and I hope that I can help the pupil and become a part of the organisation.

Valerie Kraft, AIESEC volunteer from Germany