Farewell to the summer

Farewell to the summer

The first day of September brought a real slice of autumn and, like for many in the country, the start of a new school year for the Foundation.

This year the Foundation has 28 newcomers, who will strengthen the Community Houses in Kaposvár and Mohács. Like all primary and secondary school pupils, this year they received a start-of-school grant, which families could use to buy school supplies and other school necessities.

In addition to the youngest children, the older groups will also start a new chapter in their academic advancement: 33 beneficiaries will begin the year in higher education – many of them in Budapest, where thanks to the housing supported by the Foundation, they will become new members of the Budapest university community and, in addition to their university and college studies, will be able to further their knowledge of the world through the S10 Academy’s cultural and educational courses, whether in the field of arts, finance, law or business. As a result, more than 100 Foundation students are now starting their semester at higher education institutions across the country.

The busy autumn was preceded by a busy summer season: this year, Foundation members attended 17 thematic camps abroad and in the country and 7 local camps.  In total, the Foundation took the children to five countries: in Transylvania and the Hungarian Uplands, the participants gained historical knowledge, while in England, Germany and Croatia, the best participants in the Inter-Year Language Competition improved their language skills.

This year also saw a record-breaking number of participants: the 6th Arts and Crafts Camp exceeded 160, making it the Csányi Foundation’s largest camp ever.

After the enriching camps and the social gatherings, the new year holds new challenges: young people can develop their skills and talents through a variety of applications – whether it’s an internship, leadership training or the World Chess Festival organised by Judit Polgár, the opportunities for Foundation beneficiaries are endless.

The Mid-Year Language Competition and Pigeonhole Collection Game will also be relaunched, providing an interactive way to prepare children for language exams and school-leaving exams, while equipping them with practical skills for everyday life, so they can be prepared to enjoy intensive language courses at language camps abroad next summer.

This is the fourth year that the Foundation has run a project-based education programme, where each Community House explores a single topic in the most colourful approach possible, so that children can gain both theoretical and empirical knowledge on a particular subject.

This year is full of excitement, and we are confident that the diverse programmes will provide invaluable knowledge for our talented children.

We wish you all a successful academic year!