We were at Békáspuszta

We were at Békáspuszta

During the day (6th May) thanks to my succesful competition – which was announced by the Csányi Foundation and Bonafarm Zrt – I could visit Bóly, punctually Békáspuszta. Here I could take a look at the hunting lodge and its enviroment and also could watch the workers’ job who work there.

My competition was written in field of tourism hospitality. I study at the same course at the university. Fehér Péter was waiting for us at the bus station in Bóly. He is the hunting industry-leader and invited us to a delicious lunch. As we get into his off-road vehicle we could feel the atmosphere of hunting. His dog, Luci who helps in hunting was sitting down front of my leg. When we arrived to Békáspuszta we could admire how this small town places in a scenic enviroment. Afterward we walked around this 4 stars complexity. We met huge cleanliness, precision, discipline and respect. And of course we saw a lot of trophy.

We could see how does a perfect hunting place setting look like through the computer. In the office we were talking about the complexity of the worker’s tasks, and what’s the difference to a simple accomodation. After that came the most exciting part of our tour, we went out. I could drive the off-road vehicle which we take a trip to forests and fought againts water and mud. It was a spellbinding experience. I have never driven a big vehicle like this before. Meanwhile we took a break at a boar trap and wildwatch, where we talked about the philosophy and method of hunting, and as we were in the forest we tried to investigate traces whether what kind of animal was there. Afterward our way led to the refrigatoyr where were shooted animals. Our last stop of afternoon was the museum in Békáspuszta. Here we saw old machines and equipments which were used by our ancestors.

Summarizing, it was a really exciting day filled with new and great experiences that I could spend together with Péter. I say thank you for him and to the Foundation and Bonafarm Zrt. I hope that I can visit them in the future. Szabó Gábor, group 1 of Pécs

On the 6th of May I could spend a professional day with Szabó Gábor. It was a very pleasant and useful day that we could spend with Fehér Péter who is a senior fellow worker at the Bóly Zrt. He was very kind and introduced the secrets of his profession to us. We experienced how does the organization work and how complex is a leader’s tasks. I felt very interesting from the viewpoint of enviroment protection how the hunting can be useful for the animals. Besides that was a great experience to go out to the ground. We saw a boar trap and we could admire the landscape from a wildwatch and got to know a few hunter equipments. At the end of the day we visited the local museum, where were exhibited some old agricultural machine. Thank you for this opportunity!

Kovács Viktória, group 2 of Jászberény