Selection in Jászberény minute by minute

Selection in Jászberény minute by minute

07. March 2020. Second Day

7.30 And so the second day begun with the registration. The new applicants and their families arrive at the community house constantly.

8.00-9.00 Mr. Tamás Oláh greeted the kids and parents. The mentors and colleagues introduced themselves, and so the secondary and college students.

After the welcome speech, Kinga Kiss and Attila Balázs had a presentation about their experiences within the foundation, they talked about our trips in Hungary and abroad, the Életút Day, and our opportunities with the foundation’s applications. Then dr. Miklós Radoszáv, operative director informed the parents about the foundation’s working system.

9.30 After elevenses, the kids were eager to start the math test, since the good results in these tests are important keystones in the selection to the foundation. Meanwhile, the parents could build connections with eachother within a drama course, wich will be important in their future life in the foundation.

10.45 The parents also had the opportunity to have an introspection in the world of mathematics, cause they could solve gamesome tasks in groups. In the fornoon, the results of these will be announced. During this, the children taking their drama course too, they starting to get loose as the games goes on, starting to unfold their capabilities and their role in the group.

12.00 After lunch, the applicants take part in a personal interview, in wich they can present their own portfolio, speak about their ambitions towards the foundation. They prepared with performances, medals and with their own creations.

15.30 The selection in Jászberény has ended for 2020. We would like to thank everyone that they graced us with their presence!

06. March 2020. First Day

7.30 The registration begins, the community house eagerly waits for the new applicants.

8.00-9.00 As the early excitement settles down, Mr. Tamás Oláh, one of the mentors in Jászberény, starts his welcome speech. The other mentors, teachers, and students also introduced themselves.

After that, two of the college students, Kinga Kiss and Andrea Kalla gave a presentation about the inner life of the foundation, and how we see it as members. Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, operative director, also had his own presentation, in wich he included the working system of the foundation, and informed the parents about it’s important details for both the new applicants and their parents. Meanwhile. the kids started to write their first test of the day.

9.40 After the delicious elevenses, thier second test awaited the children, wich this time was maths. The parents also had their own programme, they took part in a drama course with the leading of Sasa and Mr. Zoltán. It was a good opportunity for them, to have an introspection in the foundation’s personality developing course.

10.45 While the kids had drama course, their parents took part in a gamesome math-logic test. Their task was to solve the test, in groups, wich they formed with the other parents.

12.00 After lunch, the results of the test written by the parents had been announced. The kid’s had the option, to take part in a handcrafting session, where they could make little presents for themselves, and take it home as a memento.

In the afternoon, the kids had the opportunity to introduce themselves, show their talent and achievements within a personal interview.

17.00 The first day of selection is over. We would like to thank all applicants and parents, for graceing us with their presence. We hope they achieved great results today! The selection continues tomorrow, with new appclicants.