Selection in Jaszbereny minute by minute

Selection in Jaszbereny minute by minute

10 March 2019, The second day of the selection

7:30 am We are ready for the arrival of our participants. The registration has begun!

8:00-9:00 am Judit Sziráki, one of the mentors in Jászberény, made an opening speech towards the parents and children, introduced our mentors, teachers and volunteers. Then, while the attendants have had a test, our college students Kinga Kiss, Attila Szölösi and the operative principal Dr. Miklós Radoszáv had a presentation about the everyday life and operation  of the foundation for the parents.

9:15 am During the reading test, the parents had the opportunity to take part in a drama session with our colleagues from Kaposvár and Pécs. After the exciting tasks, they also had a math test.

10:15 am With the end of the written examination, the attendants also had an extraordinary drama lesson, where they could get to know each other, solve tasks alone or in part of a group. Everybody had fun.

12:30 am After the lunch, the results of the parents tests were announced. Then the chilren had to give a presentation of their own, about their goals, motivation, results and what they think they talented in. There was a bit of upset in the air, but everybody did their best.

The students’ selection of 2019 ended in Jászberény. We do hope that all the children became richer with delightful experiences.

09 March 2019, The first day of the selection

7:30 The Community Centre of Jaszbereny warmly welcomes the first participants. Registration has started.

8:00-9:00 Sziráki Judit, a mentor of the Community House of Jászberény has greeted the parents and children, she has presented the mentors, the teachers and the volunteers who participate in the selection.

After the presentation the children has started to writing the test, during this time the undergraduates of the Foundation, Kinga Kiss and Attila Szőlősi and the operation manager, Miklós dr. Radoszáv are showing the function and the everyday life in the Foundation.

After having the lunch break, the children have gone to solve the comprehension test. The colleagues from Pécs and Kaposvár are doing drama excercises  for the parents.

10:15 The children’s drama pedagogy lesson has strated and we hope that they get lot of experiences from that.

12:00 After the lunch the announcement of the results of the parents’ Maths test have started. In the afternoon in the personal interviews the kids have the chance to show their previous results and their succesess they have reached yet.

The first day of the selection has been finished. Thank you for those who took part of it and we are looking for the other candidates the next day.