Certificate for Christmas

Certificate for Christmas

On the 3rd and 4th of November, 8 members of the Sz3 group tested their language skills, 7 of them in English and 1 of them in German. On Friday, they solved the lab problems and passed the oral exam successfully. This is the only part of the exam where the results were announced immediately, so we can relax a little, the youth did very well. On Saturday morning, the written part followed, with written comprehension and composition tasks. In English, the students tried the mono-type exam, which was launched in September 2023 and is unique among Origo’s language exams in that it is monolingual. The tasks were given in English and all questions had to be answered in a foreign language. Translation is not included in these types of exams, so there is more text production in a foreign language. We still have to wait weeks for the written and lab results, but we do this with high hopes. We expect to get the certificate under the Christmas tree in a good chance.

Novák Gyöngyi, mentor Sz3

In early November, four members of our group faced an important try: they sat a state-accredited language exam. In this academic year, three students from our group applied for an English exam on B1 level (two of them applied for a complex exam, while one of them took only the written part of it), while another student of ours took a German exam, again on B1 level.

We opted for Origo’s bilingual exams. Accordingly, we were practicing likewise tasks during our English classes in the preceding few months. 

We would like to say thank you to the Foundation for supporting us in preparing for the exam.

Anna Benczúr