Thank you

Thank you

On the 14th Februry I was participated on a professional carrier day in Bóly.

On Friday at 8.00 am I met Barna Paulovics at the Pécs Community House, then we set off. During the journey we were talking about the Foundation and Barna talked about BONAFARM.

Barna showed me around at the company and showed me the SAP software which he is working every day with. This is a very popluar software not only in this sector. I got to know the main functions of this program. After that we went to the server room where we took a look at the servers which are reponsible for the whole system and network connections. One of his colleague showed the networking status and the other companies networking status too. Our last destination was Miklós who showed an other side of the SAP, the data storage and the SAP’s programmability. He is managing the users.

At the end of the day we had launch with Barna’s colleagues at the canteen. Barna was very helpful, friendly and offerd me to give a hand with my future problems.

I would say thank you for the opportunity, I saw practical use of my studies.

Balázs Bozsoki