Semmelweis Day award ceremony of the Buda Health Centre

Semmelweis Day award ceremony of the Buda Health Centre

The Csányi Foundation, together with the Buda Health Centre, is launching a joint competition entitled “Hand hygiene in everyday life since the emergence of COVID – 19 epidemics” for primary and secondary school students. The call received 18-18 entries (36 in total) in both the poster and video categories. The winners of the competition were invited to the Semmelweis Day Award Ceremony at the Buda Health Centre, where the prizes were awarded.



The winners per category are:

Poster category:

1st Place: Jázmin Margit Kálmán (Jászság 1)
2nd Place: Pécs – poster 2nd (Vanessza Pintér, Zsanett Henézy, András Dömölki, Izabella Varga, Eszter Szabó-Körmendi, Tamara Matakovics)
3rd Place: author Zsófia Barbara (Jászság 1)

Special prize: Pécs – poster 3rd (Nikoletta Kovács, Laura Albert, Lajos Nyári, Miléna Enikő Szőke)


Video category:

1st Place: Pécs 1. short film (Benjámin Tomity, Gergely Bálint, Melodi Balla, Andrea Balla)

2nd Place: Kaposvár 1 short film (Kíra Klaudia Kecskés, Dzsenifer Viktória Hernec, Veronika Klaudia Peák, Anna Léna Miklai, Olivér Jakab, Enikő Nagy)

3rd Place: Short film by Márk Máté Kaptás and János Mátyás Sárközi (Jászság Group 1)

Special prize: Zoltán Baráth 2nd short film (Zoltán Baráth, Kevin Munkás Manó, Krisztián Tóth and Dominik Czuczor)


Thank you for allowing us to be part of the programme!


This is how we saw it…

2023.06.30. “The children of the Csányi Foundation are not bored during the summer holidays either, as this morning the lucky winners of the competition announced by BEK (Buda Health Centre) set off with swelling breasts. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a great honour for us to attend the awards ceremony at the hospital in Budapest, as I have been to many places, but hardly ever among so many intellectuals in such an elite setting. Even the introductory and/or closing speeches covered almost my entire vocabulary. I was impressed by the perfect organisation of the afternoon, amazed by the professionally composed and articulated eloquence, which at times was heart-warming and dazzled me. I believe that in an engineering office with such an atmosphere, I would find the workplace of my dreams, characterised by a great working community; a high level of expertise recognised on an individual basis; a pleasantly humorous yet serious atmosphere; empathetic, forward-looking, decisive and decisive management; a clean environment and, of course, state-of-the-art facilities that allow me to work most efficiently. I believe these conditions are essential not only to maximise our performance in the workplace, but also to maintain a balanced personal life in the long term. At the Semmelweis Day awards ceremony, I was able to see for myself that a workplace that satisfies all these criteria does exist. This was very much reflected in the faces of the staff at the hospital, which radiated concentration, confidence and a strong sense of self-awareness. I would like to emphasise the importance of commemorating the birthday of Ignác Semmelweis on the first of July, as his pioneering research and discoveries have played a decisive role in the lives of all. Just think about it! Ignác Semmelweis reduced the number of deaths from puerperal fever by about 10%. This is not insignificant, he increased the success rate of childbirth by 1-2%. With this in mind, I would like to link to the recent and final project of the KH in Pécs, which was about inventions. Let’s stop for a moment… I would like to ask the dear reader to think for a moment about what these few percentages mean. Everyone can scroll through their Facebook friends and think about what would happen if two out of 100 people were no longer with us tomorrow. What would happen if we took away the chance of a lifetime from those select talents, those inventors with age-defying knowledge? With this in mind, let us wake up every July 1st and remember not only Ignác Semmelweis, the world-famous obstetrician and surgeon, but also all those who, every day, in the medical world of our time, make sure that we live as long as possible and marvel at the great achievements of the people who have made the world a better place.” András Dömölki, Pécs Group 2

Thank you for the awards given out by the Buda Health Centre and for providing up-to-date care for all of us!


A report on the announcement of the competition results on the Buda Health Centre website can be found here.