At the Palace of Art

At the Palace of Art

We were waiting for this day excitedly.

On the 10th of April the youngest groups of Nagybajom, Pécs and Szeged spent Sunday Budapest. All the four groups started the day early to travel to Budapest to watch Britten’s Variations and Fugue on a theme of Purcell at the Palace of Art. Members of the groups were happy to meet again and spend a day together. After the one and half hour of educational concert specially written for children to understand the musical instruments of an orchestra, the groups split up and continued their day separately. Groups of Pécs went to the Tropicarium to check sea life and sea animals while groups of Nagybajom and Szeged took a short sightseeing trip in the city and had lunch together. At the end of the programmes in Budapest, the groups headed back home to relax a bit before the new working week starts.

Nagybajom 3, Pécs 1 and 3, Szeged 3

As we saw it…


“I enjoyed the Tropicarium the most today. We could see such animals that we can watch only on TV or we saw them a very long time ago or never before. Thank you very much for the Foundation to take me such a nice place.”
Tarnay Ákos, Pécs 3

“I really liked the day! The concert was great. In the Tropicarium we saw many interesting and unique fish. All of us are richer with memories and nice moments.”
Veréb Zsanett, Pécs 3

“The best part of the day was the concert at the Palace of Art. In the Tropicarium the rays were the most friendly.”
Schneider Krisztián, Pécs 3

“The journey was very long and I was happy to get off the bus. The concert was strange in the beginning but it was good close to the end.”
Tokaji Lili, Szeged 3

“One of my oldest wishes to learn more about musical instruments and understand how they are used in the orchestra. Of course the second part of the concert was good too. I have never heard the harp in itself. I really enjoyed the day.”
Rully Vanda, Szeged 3

“Today we travelled to the Palace of Art. We heard many musical instruments. The beginning was a bit strange, but later we realised that they performed the rehearsal first. It was good”
Kanyó Zsanett, Szeged 3

„It was very interesting as the orchestra introduced the different musical instruments to using the Palace of Art. We spent a useful and happy day together in Budapest.”
Csontos Mihály Nagybajom 3.

„I really liked the music, it’s a pity it was so short. There were 70 musicians in the orchestra playing together, I am sure there is a lot of work behind this performance.”
Bóni Richárd Nagybajom 3.