Circus Classicus

Circus Classicus

On Sunday morning (30 March) we were very exciting about not to oversleep because of the time retool as we visited the circus.

Judit neni called us in the former evening because of it. Fortunately, nobody was late. We travelled with two minibuses to Budapest, to the circus. We were looking forward to this day. Many of us  were here for the first time. As we were approaching the circus, we noticed a huge elephant walked by a man on a bike. Later, in the circus we met with them too, of course. On the corridor we could see photos of the former performances and artists on the wall. There were everything colourful and intimate. While we were looking for our seats, we noticed the bars around the ring, so we knew that there will be tigers in the first number. The most beautiful and the smartest was a white tiger. The horse performance of the Richters is known all over the world. The horses played in groups on the ring, then the white and black horses arranged in different shapes. There were so many of them that they could hardly fit next to each other during running. The children of the coule also showed their knowledge with tiny horses. The big Indian elephant was trained by Flórián Richter. This big elephant sat and stood on two leg as he heard the command. Unfortunately, there were no more performances with animals. The most exciting were the spiderman Super Silva and the two gymnast boys on the death-wheel. They did everything without a safety rope in the air. Their performance was so hard that we closed our eyes in the end because we were so excited that they will fall.

We could see a great show by the tightrope walkers too. During the performance a boy would have fallen, if  he had not had a safety rope. There were a big scream in the spectator’s terrace.

The clowns were so funny. They were running and throwing balls in front of us. The gymnasts were so tractable and we could see tricky illusionists. They tucked each other away so slick that we did not notice it, although we were screwing very much. After that he conjured lots of people from nothing. We could not work out the solution. After the performance we were sitting on the benches in the sunshine then we went home.

We had a very exciting day we could see lots of smart people. Thank you!

Jászság group 1.