Family day in Jászberény

Family day in Jászberény

On the last weekend of May, the groups of the Community House of Jászság gathered to present the results of their year-long project on environmental awareness, in conjunction with a city event. During the Sustainability Days, we had the opportunity to spend the day in one of the tents on Margaret Island as part of a family day. First, parents and grandparents worked around the stove, where they prepared potatoes with paprika for lunch. Afterwards, we took part in the “Water Inaccessible” competition, for which we made four boats from scrap materials with the help of members of the DIY sub-project, and the girls from the art class painted flags on them. The brave boat captains had to paddle along a stretch of the urban Zagyva river and the fastest ones received a prize. The most fun and exciting moments of the day were experienced when our children tried to make their way through the 18-degree water with paddle, hand and foot, accompanied by a huge crowd of supporters. In the end, two of our boats made it to the finish line and one sank halfway. Congratulations to the two bravest captains, Kevin Munkás Manó J1 and Sándor Görbe J4. The youngsters came out of the water with a fantastic experience and a little wet. Our safety was ensured by the volunteers of Jász Búvár SE.

During the rest of the day, we presented our activities to the visitors, who could test their knowledge with a microscope under the guidance of teacher Terézia Csörgő, or test their knowledge with environmentally-aware quizzes, and the youngest children were entertained with colouring games. On our screens, we illustrated our everyday life with lots of photos, giving the inhabitants of the city an insight into our environmentally conscious work. They could see how we make our raised beds, plant them with plants, test the water, recycle used clothes, do research, meet our mentors, volunteers and children. We were delighted to have so many people come to talk to us and ask about us.

We were also successful in joining other activities of the event, such as a competition to create artworks from waste and a toto competition to win a kitchen appliance for one of our families. We had the opportunity to learn about selective waste collection programmes and several associations working on sustainable issues were also presented. After all this, we enjoyed a delicious meal of paprika fries, a masterpiece of the improvised cooks. Thanks to the Jászkerület Nonprofit Ltd. for the opportunity to present themselves and to the families of the four Jászsági groups for the many delicious cakes.

“Family Day” was held by the Foundation on Margaret Island, where you could participate in several activities. I completed the municipal waste management toto of the JVV Zrt. To my delight, I was drawn and my prize was a smoothie maker. I also made some creations with my twin brother for the “from waste” competition.” Kovács Hanna Jászság Group 4

“Margaret Island in the heart of the city is hosting a new series of events called Sustainability Days. Students from our Foundation and their families visited the events, not only as spectators. The first item on our agenda was the Aquatic Improvements Contest, for which we were simply instructed: “Scramble something from scrap that will survive in the water, can support a person and can be used to float on a stretch of water.” Mainly with the help of the DIY section, we built 4 such craft under the leadership of Uncle Tamás, several of which have stood their ground in the water.  In the art sessions we painted the flags, which were of course made from a long-unused sheet. The boats were made of pallets, bottles and huge barrels. We did a lot of work on them and I think it was worth it, as making them was an experience, but the competition was an even greater one. At the same time, the parents who were in charge of the kettle were cheering us on and were able to attend the various activities. Under the guidance of teacher Terézia Csörgő, we presented the results of the water analysis and measured the different mineral contents of the Zagyva water on the spot. With the help of Nóri, we were able to observe the same water under a microscope and see the different algae up close. We also prepared quizzes and colouring books for the younger visitors, who bravely joined us during the measurements. It was a memorable and enjoyable day!” Nikolett Juhász-Aba and Viktória Füle, Jászság Group 2

“My little-big son Kevin the Worker Mano was always happy to tell me about the project days.  One Friday day when he came home with sparkling eyes and a huge smile on his face, he said he had been asked to paddle the raft they had made. He was very excited and was looking forward to 28 May to take it out on the water. On this day, the Sustainability Day was held in Jászberény, where children and parents of the Csányi Foundation also participated. The children showed their talents and how they can work together. How valuable things can be made from the many harmful as well as non-harmful materials and how they can have fun. My 4 children and I cheered excitedly for Mano, we encouraged him to finish the raft! And she managed to win the first trophy of her life on this day! But on top of all that, we got to try out some super games. Once again, this special day brought the little team and their parents together. Cooking, chatting, adult and children laughter, all of it was a great experience for all of us. Thank you for your perseverance and all the help you give to all of us!”  Szilágyi-Orosz Anna Erzsébet Jászság Group 1 parent

“At the Sustainability Days in Jászberény, besides the many interesting programmes, I had the pleasure to talk to Gábor Takács, Deputy Head of the JVV Municipal Transit. During our conversation I learned many things about their company, the collection and processing of hazardous waste and selective waste. For example, they created the yellow bags mainly for the collection of household packaging waste, which were first used by the residents of Jászberény in 2016. These collection bags can contain 3 fractions of packaging waste (metal, plastic, paper) in one bag and make it much easier to transport them. After collection, these surplus materials are transferred to the local waste processing and treatment facility. Once sorted, the waste received is baled and once this is done, it is sent to another recovery company for use.I also received answers to other questions such as: the processing of industrial waste and the promotion of waste collection in Jászberény. I am very happy that this report has been produced, as it has contributed a lot to the development of our sub-project.”

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