Family Day at Vackor homestead

Family Day at Vackor homestead

This year we held our Family Day at Vackor homestead near lake Töröcskei. This was a special occasion for us since we were together as one big group for the first time; therefore, I believe the Family Day was an excellent opportunity for the two merging groups to get to know each other.

We arrived at the location early in the morning and had the chance to look at the beautiful landscape consisting of the lake and the nearby forest. There were various activities to choose from during the morning, so everyone could find one that was in line with their interests. Firstly, some of us went for a walk in the forest to look around, and there we picked up small twigs, pinecones, and other natural elements that were useful for the ones who wanted to do arts and crafts later in the afternoon. Others preferred to get involved with sports activities, like badminton, table tennis, and soccer, where the players were very competitive. Lastly, Emma is famous for her henna art, so the group members could also get tattoos from her. Out of these, the most popular activity was arts and crafts, where we had the opportunity to make fall-inspired table decorations.

With the help of the parents, delicious food was prepared, which was followed by a competition where we divided ourselves into four groups. This activity involved everyone; the K4 and the K2 group members, the parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and our mentor. The challenging exercises included building up towers from paper (thanks to our volunteer, Nóra Nógrádi), tangling up ourselves by the hands and trying as fast as we could to break free (the game was provided by our mentor) and finally, playing a word game with, Balogh Ádám.

Moreover, I would like to highlight my favorite game that we played with our teacher, Gombos Péter, where he gave us a random word, and we needed to find a plausible definition for it by ourselves. After that, each definition from the groups and the real one got mixed together, which he then read aloud, and the groups had to vote for the most believable one. Needless to say, there were a lot of interesting and creative solutions.

I really enjoyed this day, and I believe it helped the two groups get closer to each other.

Antal Dominik

For me, the definition for today is coalition, which is the synonym for fusion. The group activities helped us get closer to each other and share our experiences as parents. For example, we are currently thinking about the challenges of getting our children into high schools, and the parents of the older kids are struggling with the effects of puberty. Conversations like these could continue even when we were doing arts and crafts, and in the background, we could gladly hear the noise of our children playing and having fun. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful as well, and we could enjoy our warm, sunshine-filled fall day near lake Töröcskei.

Andrea Nagy, parent

The group activities after lunch were my favorite, where we were mixed together with the members of the other group (which was a wonderful idea, I believe) and competed for the win. We really enjoyed ourselves, and we are glad that we could spend our day in such great company.

Kovács – Nagy Sarolta