Family Day in Pécs

Family Day in Pécs

On the final Sunday of September, all three groups from Pécs were able to attend the lovely, sunny opening Family Day of the school year. The Lake of Malomvölgy was a perfect place for this event.


The Family Day’s photos can be seen in the Gallery.

This is how we saw it:


“On the first Family Day, the children and university students met in the ideal location and under ideal conditions. Delicious sweets were presented to us by the parents. The kids could stroll around the lake, observe, and play team-building activities while the parents cooked us lunch and chatted about life at the Foundation. We discussed the upcoming events and enrichment programs, the Foundation’s expectations, and the scholarship system during the parent meeting. I believe it was a memorable and enjoyable family day that we were able to spend together. Our goal was also to pass along the cooking tradition from our older groups to our younger ones for the coming years’ Family Days.” Bálint-Orsós Andrea mentor

“While we parents were busy preparing lunch, the kids spent the morning playing thrilling team-building activities and strolling. Getting to know each other and exchanging experiences with the older members of the Pécs groups was a fantastic chance throughout the preparation. It was uplifting to watch the university students kindly helping the newcomers. The lunch was delicious, and the desserts just enhanced the overall experience. During the parent meeting, our mentor, Andi, also provided us with vital information regarding Foundation activities and to-dos. I was overjoyed to be able to attend this event with my child. We ate well, had interesting conversations, and had a nice time.” Fülöp Bernadett, Parent in Pécs Group 3

“Our Family Day was blessed with lovely weather. It was wonderful to see my Foundation friends again. We played several games, and I had a great time wandering around the lake and playing méta. I’m glad I was able to attend! I’m looking forward to what’s to come!” Stefán Emma, Pécs Group 3


“Meeting up with old pals from the foundation was the highlight of my day. We had a lot of fun playing tag and other activities. Everything was amazing, especially the meal and beverages. I’m glad I got to know some of the Foundation’s older members.” Fülöp Lázár, Pécs Group 3

“In the name of my “little” family, I’m grateful for this wonderful day. Because two of my children are members of the Foundation, I had a one-of-a-kind experience. The mentors’ organizing skills enabled me to do the impossible and assist both of my children at the same time.” Kalászné Somogyi Krisztina Beáta szülő, Parent in Pécs Group 2 and 3

“Everyone discovered the best method to relax during the day, and we loved spending time together after not being able to do so during the epidemic last year. Cooking together was the highlight of the day; everyone contributed to the preparation, which culminated in a delicious paprika potato dish. Everyone departed in a happy mood and with wonderful memories; it was fantastic to see each other again, relax, and talk. My family and I are grateful to the Foundation for allowing us to participate in this event!” Kovács Tibor, Pécs Group 1

“At the end of September, the groups from Pécs got together for a Family Day. Kids and parents could play together until lunch was ready (badminton, football, card games), and then their mentor, András, informed them about the happenings of the year. We were able to sample various delicious treats, and everyone was able to find something to their satisfaction. We spent a great day together in the beautiful weather after being unable to meet for a long time due to the pandemic. We hope to have many more enjoyable activities together in the future. We owe it to the Foundation to thank them for it.” Szabó Zsuzsanna, Parent in Pécs Group 2

“On September 26th, we celebrated our Family Day at the Lake of Malomvölgy. Not only was the weather lovely, but we also prepared delicious meals for everyone. We prepared different meals for the adults and the kids: trotters stew for the adults and chili con carne for the kids. The kids seemed to take longer to get there at first, and we assumed they’d just be ready for dinner, but they ended up completing ahead of the parents. The kids appeared to be having a good time, as they played badminton, football, and simply conversed with one another. They occasionally assisted in the cooking, and I believe everyone had a good time. The aspect of the games that I enjoyed the most was getting to know the other parents and being allowed to participate a bit. I’m glad we were able to take part in this event.” Majdnikné Kiss Edina, Parent in Pécs Group 2