Mecsextrem Park

Mecsextrem Park

On 17th September we held the family day of Pécs 3 group in the Mecsextrem Park.

Everyone was really excited about the weather, but it was great and we could spend the entire day in there. We tried the bobsledding, labyrinth, alpine rope track, x-jump, rodeo, 3d circle, and range shooting. It was awesome, everyone felt like children again. We had a fantastic time.

Thank you!

Pécs 3.

How we saw it…

We spent the day in the Mecsextrem Park, in a wonderful environment. We could all have a fantastic time. We thank the foundation for the opportunity. Wensofszkyné Pintér Rózsa, parent Pécs 3

Today we spent the day in the Mecsextrem park with the families. We had a really nice time and it was great having lunch outdoors. Jakab Zoltánné, parent Pécs 3