Family Day

Family Day

Everyone was following the weather forecast in the last few days in Pécs because Family Day was organised by the mentors and parents of group 2 in Pécs.

Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day. We happily set foot in Malom valley the spot of the event. Unfortunately, many families could not join us because of their other activities. We, who were there, had a great time. We were cooking goulash soup, chatting, consuming beverages and eating. The children were playing football, strolling around in the nature and they also visited the nearby watchtower. Happiness and the day were ended by a sudden big storm accompanied by thunder and lightning. The planned ability and sport competitions for the afternoon were cancelled but we are going to make it up next time!
Thank you very much for this opportunity! We enjoyed every minute of the Family Day.

Kovácsné Borsos Ildikó – parent

We were getting ready for this day for a long time. We had imagined and planned it many times before but it was postponed because of many other reasons.
But now we made it!
The innovators and main organisers of the programme were the parents. We were cooking in cauldron in Lake Malomvölgy Recreation Park. The lake was enlarged by nearby small streams in the 70s. The lake is rich in fish stock and the surrounding park is 20.5 hectares where at the well designed cooking place we could prepare goulash soup, we could relax and chat with each other and we could play football at the football pitch. The dessert was presented by the parents. Everyone brought some sweet cakes and cookies. In the beginning the weather was glorious but a sudden summer storm washed the day away making it really memorable for all of us.

Nagy Edina – mentor