Chekhov differently

Chekhov differently

We’ve seen seperal exam performances of faculty of art of Kaposvári university.

Last night (28th January) the 3rd year students staged The Tree Sisters by csehov as their master’s exam. The timing is perfect, because at the school we’re learning this drama and damatist at the moment. Chekhov wrote this drama in he begining of the 19th century, and the students tried to go on a modern costumes, props settings. It was an exciting performance.

The story is about 3 sisters and their broter whose parents died. The 3 sisters waiting  for a miracle, but they have different ideas about it. The youngest one wanted to live and work in Moscow. The ather one waiting for love. The oldest wants to take care of other people.  The drama is full of deep philosofical thenghts which are hard to understand, and there is little action so at the begining I thought it boring, but after brooding over a few deep ideas, I found the whole play interesting. One to the young age of the students Chekhov ’s play got a new meaning for us.

It was great experimence. Next time will see a movement exam.

Sara Horváth