E-sports championship January round

E-sports championship January round

At the Kaposvár Community House, the children played the January matches before today’s language development sessions. As a result of the three matches, Ákos Látrányi has two, Levente Orsós one victory. Unfortunately, Barnabás Radó did not manage to beat any of the boys’ teams today, although he remained in a very close fight only at the bottom.


“The point: it’s not the outcome that matters, it’s the fact that we were together again, we played well!” (Ákos Látrányi)

“I’m a little sad, but he’ll do better next time!” (Barnabás Radó)

“It was good with the boys, we played cool matches.” (Levente Orsós)

The first round of the E-sport FIFA competition has begun in Pécs on 30th January with three participants. Krisztián Schneider, Attila Dömölki (Pécs 3 group) and Márk Majdik (Pécs 2 group) played against each other with thrills. The current standing is: Márk leading with Krisztián on the second place. This can change and Attila still has a chance in the next round. The most important part was the game! „I have enjoyed the FIFA competition very much! I don’t play regularly, I know the odds were against me, but at least I tried my best and I think it all went well. I could manage to score a fine goal and the others showed my new techniques. It was a great and new experience for me, I hope during the next time I will do better!” Attila Dömölki, Pécs 3 group