Eastbourne Language Camp

Eastbourne Language Camp

We arrived safe and sound.

Memories from Eastbourne

Yes, these are now just memories but nice and memorable ones, which was given to us by the Csányi Foundation. 49 of us could spend two beautiful weeks in Eastbourne, UK in order to improve our language skills, world view and expand our social network. We would like to say thank you to the Foundation for these lifelong memories. Thank you!

The Eastbourne campers


Today afternoon (10th July) the students from Nagybajom, Pécs, Kaposvár, Jászberény and Szeged who were the best at the language competition arrived safe and sound to London. Everybody started the day very early but it was good for everybody to meet old friends from other community houses. At 2 o’clock local time the group’s flight landed safe at the airport where the representative of ELAC waited the group and guided us to our transfer.


In Eastbourne, the colleagues of St Andrew’s school waited us and helped the students to meet their host families. Tomorrow morning everyone will start their learning day in the schools but before that they have to get to know their host families.

Eastbourne Summer Programme 18+ as I saw it

On the second day (11th July) the 18+ group has had its first day in the Eastbourne School of English. The group has started with a test to divide the students into different levels of groups according to their English knowledge. Luckily our students were taken to the advanced level groups. We were proud of them and the teachers also claimed that the Hungarians are performing well. Just before the lessons have started, we were shown around in the buildings. Today, speaking and listening skills were practiced during the classes so the youngsters had to use English a lot.

Finally the day has ended with a sightseeing in the town centre and to the pier at the seaside. This was an outstanding experience despite the strong wind, but the seaside always gives us a fantastic view. After the programmes everybody went back to their host families and had their dinner at home. Throughout the whole day I also had new experiences as I could take a look into the operation of a foreign language school. Gál András, volunteer


On the 12th July our three groups started the day at three different places. The eldest one continued studying at the language school deepening their knowledge. In the evening they went bowling in the town nearby. Among the young ones the red group had the pleasure to go on a day trip exploring Brighton. The sight-seeing started at the Pier after which the group headed to visit the Royal Pavilion. It was magnificent.


After this cultural uniqueness, shopping was on the row. The blue group on the contrary deepened into studying. Today was the first day to get to know the teachers and the group members. Not only Hungarians spend here two lovely weeks but kids from Spain, Italy and Oman. One thing can be said about the day, namely that the lessons were organised in an excellent way. All the students were delighted telling what had happened during the lessons. After this eventful day the host families served some lovely evening meals to each of our kids and the day ended at the school where a we all could dance, jump, shout, enjoy music and each others’ company.  This day was fan pure!


The groups started their fourth day (13th July) in the schools. The elder Csányi students had intensive English lessons where they could improve their communication skills through games, guided situations and grammar exercises. In the afternoon they visited the nearby Arundel castle, which is still used by the royal family and in the evening they watched the fireworks with their international classmates. The younger students at St Andrew’s started their days based on their groupings. One group had lessons while the other one had activity carousal. The students could choose from many activities, which all were about language practice. For dinner grilled hot dog was the menu and after that there was games evening. All the three groups had a fantastic day today and everyone is looking forward to the next one.

Eastbourne Summer Programme 18+ as I saw it

On the 13th July we enjoyed the lessons, learnt and played a lot. Afternoon classes are even better because our teachers make them more interesting and interactive. Sadly we did not have it today because we visited Arundel Castle. The castle was amazing, the big garden and the inside of the castle helped us to imagine how it looked like in the past. My best experience was entering a very big hall which was bigger than a church, full of old furniture, tools and paintings. I saw some pictures which were taken in 2011, there was a big dinner on it, everybody was wearing dresses and suits, it must have been an awesome feeling to be there. After visiting the castle we could eat fish&chips, if we wanted to so we had a really ‘English day’ today; castle, fish&chips, traffic and rain. Melinda Orsós, Pécs

The fifth day of the language camp started as usual. The elder Csányi students had English grammar lessons in the morning while in the afternoon they had communication based lessons before they went to the nearby park to choose from baseball, American football or volleyball to play. They closed the evening with international disco. On the other side of the town, one part of the younger students continued their lessons under the supervision of their teachers while the other group had activity carousal on the school play field. The students spent the evening with their host families in order to practice the language not just in the classrooms but in real life.


On our 5th day in the Eastbourne School of English in the morning lessons we could hear about the other cultures and also we got to introduce ours as well. After a bit of Grammar we wrote the school exam. In the afternoon lessons we were talking about the main British health issue, obesity. We held a presentation of the solutions to the situation, which might do away with or decrease the problem. After that the school organized a sport event where we had the chance to play football, basketball, volleyball and of course rugby as well. In the evening we were having an international disco with our schoolmates. Attila Koza Szeged 2

On the sixth day (15th July) of our language camp in Eastbourne the elder Csányi students had interactive communicative language lessons and role plays in the morning, in the afternoon they could choose from the optional programmes like roller blading or cinema.


The evening was spent with a friendly football match in a downtown park near the beach. The younger students had communicative lessons this day as well in the morning while in the afternoon they had arts and crafts and sport activities or could swim in the school’s swimming pool. In the afternoon there was activity carousal and lessons for the two groups. In the evening there were two sporting options, a basketball match and cricket match both of which were quite uplifting.


The last day of the week in the school has passed in a very pleasant way, just like the others. Today we only had classes in the morning,  when we had to say good bye to some of our friends. After the lessons we quickly had our lunch and headed for the afternoon programs. One group could go to the local cinema, while the others had rollerblading. In the evening we have organised a football match, but then everybody have returned to their families, because we are going to travel to Canterbury tomorrow.  Járay Bianka, Pécs 2

This was the first Saturday (16th July) after arriving to England, to be together again. Not only the big ones but also the younger ones were ready to explore the beauties of Canterbury. We had the pleasure to travel on our own bus which made the ride comfortable and less stressful. The cathedral was amazing and catching. In the afternoon we had the chance to buy some souvenirs to our friends and relatives. Before setting off back to Eastbourne we spent some time on the main square; sitting, chatting, eating and enjoying the lovely sunshine which we missed the whole week.

On the 6th day of the camp, on Saturday we went to Canterbury. We visited the famous cathedral, which is the home of the archbishop. The inside of the building was gorgeous, there were many colourful windows. Behind the cathedral was the garden, where we saw some nice flowers and plants. After all we had free time to go sightseeing, to see the beautiful city. Szőllősi Andrea, Pécs 2


Today (17th July) was our day off. Some of the families considered it important to plan some programs to the children taking them to festivals, going on day trips or cooking together. Those kids who weren’t so lucky having such host families met at the Pier and visited the sights of Eastbourne riding on a hop on-hop off bus. Our first destination was Beachy Head where an amazing spectacle awaited us. In the splendid sunshine we had the gentle force to stop step by step taking photos. We wished to stay there longer but there was plenty other sights to explore. Early evening we have arrived back to the town. Here after having free time we went back to our host families as tomorrow our second school week is going to start. Time flies very quickly!

On the 7th day of the camp, on Sunday we went to Brighton. When we arrived there, we were happy because almost everybody had the opportunity to be there for weeks before. Firstly, we visited one of the most important places of Brighton, the Brighton Pier where we could try some very exciting games in the funfair. After that we went to a place which is one of the symbols of Brighton. This is the Royal Pavilion which is a very beautiful building. In the afternoon we walked around the city and then we went to the beach where we had such a great time. All in all we had a joyful day in Brighton.
Dániel Kovács, Pécs 2

We started the first day of the week (18th July) quite confidently as we are enjoying the warmth of Eastbourne. The sunny weather and our teachers welcomed us in the morning and the day started. We talked a lot not only with each other but with the other international students. Soon new friendships are made. During the break time we played football then we continued studying at lessons. As we were having English with teachers the other part of the group walked to the town centre and they spent their time there. The rich lunch was very delicious and in the afternoon we went to town while the others had their lessons. The day passed very quickly, we learned a lot and we are looking forward to the coming days.


On the 9th day of the language camp (19th July) the groups started their switched programme day deliberately. The red group stayed in the school to have lessons in the morning and in the afternoon, while the blue group travelled to Brighton to visit the famous Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion. After the visit the group enjoyed the sunny weather at the beach. Back in to school, the read group learned more in English and in the afternoon they had drama lesson where they had to direct an imaginary film. The elder students had their today’s lesson in the garden enjoying the beautiful summer weather than they tried how it is to swim in the summer English sea is.


The day started nice because of the beautiful weather. Some of the classes were spent in the garden where we enjoyed the sunshine. After school we went to the beach to swim and sunbathe. In the evening we went on a walk.
Kovács Bonita

The tenth day of the Eastbourne language camp has arrived (21 July) but our enthusiasm hasn’t dropped. The groups carried on with their schedules according to grouping. Reds had English lessons, blue had activity carousal in the morning then after lunch the two groups switched places to enjoy the English weather outside or the English language inside. The elder Csányi students had their morning lessons then they spent the afternoon in Brighton. Today, an English lesson was organised for the group leaders and a short trip to the nearby area.


On the 11th day of the camp (21 July) nobody was bored at the language schools of Eastbourne. The younger students were having English lessons and activity carousal in the morning while they switched places during afternoon. In the morning the group leaders could visit the lessons to see the improvement and diligent work of their students. The elder students had lessons in the morning and during the early afternoon then they went to the harbour close to the town centre to practice some English there. The evening was closed with disco party.


The 18+ group had lessons today in the morning as usual. However the something was different, because it was the very last of the afternoon classes, so the teachers had brought the students some games and funny exercises. We could feel a much more relaxed atmosphere during the lesson. Our kids now had a chance to draw and play different language games in teams. The reward was now jellybeans. After leaving the school today, we could choose between various programs such as sports, visit to the harbour or disco. Fortunately we could even have time for buying souvenirs for our relatives. Due to the warm weather, we could even see a sunbathing seal on the seashore.

The twelfth day was the last school day for the students in St Andrew’s school and in Eastbourne School of English (July 22). The day started as usual. In the morning there were classes and activity carousal and in the afternoon the students were preparing for the evening performance and of course, the students got their certificates. Everyone was proud to get their papers and some of them were surprised to get higher evaluation what they had expected. The week was closed with a talent show and a disco. The elder Csányi students had final lessons in the morning and a mini golf course in the afternoon.

The last day has come. The whole group met and we went to Winchester. After a big traffic jam and 3 hours travelling, we arrived at Winchester in a beautiful weather. We have visited the cathedral where we had a little treasure hunt game to make the day more interesting. We had to find a lot of things in the cathedral for example the kings whom were buried there. When we have found out the winners we had lunch together and then we could look around the city. Nevertheless we had fantastic two weeks in Eastbourne, everybody is looking forward to go home.
Enikő Andalics