ECDL preparatory camp in Jászberény

ECDL preparatory camp in Jászberény

Monday: “The first day of our local ECDL camp in the Jászság Community House started with the preparation of teacher Lajos Zeke. We were very used to the group, because the previous day we were talking in the foreign language camp in Mohács. It feels like it’s not over. But we didn’t take long to know why we were here, so we quickly saw him as well. Although our exam will only be in the fall, we have already started preparing for the fifth module, spreadsheet management. The lessons ended at noon and we learned the basics of spreadsheets in a fleeting 3 hours. Before lunch we even watched the TEDx performance of Miklós H. Vecsei, which was very interesting and exciting. He was guaranteed to wake up from the “nothing happens” state, even firing a prop pistol during the performance. The video was followed by a self-evident pause, we were so impressed by the way and the theme of the performance. We then talked at length about, among other things, how important it is to have a goal set and how to achieve it, even together. In the afternoon, we started the movie “The Way of a Peaceful Warrior,” which showed me how to live our things and not just survive them. Let’s really pay attention to the other and rethink that everyone is struggling with something in themselves that is invisible to others. We even played table tennis during the day and headed home after a lot of rides so we could continue working at ease the next day. ” Gyula Pege, Jászság group 3

Tuesday: “We continued to learn the basics of spreadsheet management and also got to know the charts. We then watched another TEDx lecture on willpower. Ádám Molnár is a young software developer, who has already achieved results with his psychological work. His presentation was about the patterns that dominate our behavior and how we can change them. He presented patterns of brain function through three fairy-tale characters, making this system understandable to everyone. The group found it very interesting and we talked about it a lot. During the siesta, we finished our film, which began on Monday, showing the recovery of an athlete after an accident. In my opinion, he sets a very positive example for everyone because it shows that nothing is impossible. After the film, we went down to a cellar at 18.5 ° C to cool down and socialize. The group split in two. There were those who banged, and there were those who developed his ability to debate. There were also serious, interesting and funny topics on which we were able to comment extensively. “Tamasi Tilda

Wednesday: “After the development session, the TEDx series continued. The presentation was given by 5 teenagers from the editorial office of, who create value with their work, forming a kind of bridge for the Z generation between the adult and the growing generation. Young people also want to get to know the world, but not necessarily through the experiences of adults, but through their own. We were able to fully identify with this, there was also talk of using a lot of smart devices, which means something completely different to us than to our parents. Through these, we read, learn, talk, have fun, which is already a completely new habit and existence. Parental patterns were also discussed, how important it is for us to see what our parents show us, such as how much they read in our infancy and whether they are used to reading. Will they sit down to read today? Afterwards, Aunt Ildi and I dropped the topic because most of us were interested, so we were able to talk a lot about it and also share our own experiences. In the next short film, Soma Hajnóczy, a world-renowned magician, put it very well that we never give up on anything that happens and every dream comes true, but a lot of work is needed for it. For the rest of the afternoon, we played level, we were playing table tennis, feathering, and we ended the day with a joint game that David, our little mentor, came up with for us. One by one, everyone got a little note, for which in most cases a person was described, we had to figure it out in English so we couldn’t look at our page and meanwhile kept it on our foreheads. We laughed a lot, especially when we got someone we didn’t even know. I think these little games brought our team even better and it was a great feeling to see the team laugh together! ” Orsolya Varga

Thursday-Friday: “During the breaks in the development class, we learned different languages ​​(Italian, Spanish, French, Russian) at Douling with a phone app. It was funny because we were looking at the mobiles at the same time, when our mentor warned me again what we were doing again, at the same time we said we were learning, everyone was looking at a different language. We went bowling in the afternoon, which was a great time to get moving as we sat down a lot in front of the monitors this week. Then in the Community House the boys played with FIFA games, after a little tidying up and washing dishes together we went out to the beach where it was good to freshen up, we played ball in the water. We also waited for the training of our teammate Darabont Zalán, we could take a look at the training of water polo. In the evening we made dinner together, everyone took their share of the tasks. By public request, we slept inside the house, which we were very happy about, because that was how the camp feeling was. We repeated what we learned so far on Friday, the exam may come in September! Because of our many common experiences, these days will be unforgettable too! ” Kiss Noémi, Kállai Gréta

“On July 12, the ECDL preparation camp started in the community house in Jászberény, where I helped as a small mentor. I just received my undergraduate degree in Communication and Cinema from the Budapest campus of McDaniel College. I applied for a master’s degree while I wait for the result, and I will help my mentor, Ildiko Nagy, run the camp. From the very first day, I was very proud of my younger groupmates when I learned that they were already preparing for the fifth ECDL module exam. They are very hardworking, hardworking and terribly skillful. In this camp, Excel spreadsheets play the main role, not everyone’s favorite is math, but as I hear from the little ones, Professor Lajos Zeke is able to like computer science even with people who love human subjects. This solid knowledge will lay the foundation for the exam so that everyone will have this module as well and can move on to the next one. In the camp, my main task was to conduct board games. They also learned English in the meantime, as I was making a game where they could get a little help getting their undergraduate degrees. In a game dubbed “Who I am,” the kids had to figure out what a famous character the fecnin on their foreheads was. They had to ask about his trait, his appearance, his occupation, all of this in English, of course, and in the end he had to name whose name they were wearing. In each of the afternoon sessions, we watched a twenty-minute TED lecture from the Internet. The acronym consisting of the words Technology, Entertainment, Design covers a global series of performances where performers want to say something very important about the world, people, motivate the audience and the audience in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes. The theme of the conferences is expressed by the main motto of the organizers: “ideas worth spreading”, ie thoughts that are worth spreading. The special feature of the event is that the presenters only have 18 minutes to pass on the information they want while inspiring their students. The best word here is to inspire, as these lectures inspire people, especially for students, with a strong emphasis. Each participant gives their own personal, authentic story a glimpse into the deep corner of the soul, so that from there, whoever listens will take to their own soul the inspiring thoughts found there. On the first day, we listened to the overwhelming performance of Miklós Vecsei, a famous young actor, about the community dilemma of the generation born after the change of regime, ie that common goals disappear and the community experience is lost in today’s global, international world. The next day, we watched a lecture on the “imaginary elf” living in our own souls, how it prevents most of us from achieving our dreams. It was really about making it difficult for us to achieve our goals ourselves. Afterwards, we watched several videos, including how to protect the Z, X and Y generations from the baby boomer generation and how we should think about our dreams. I hope that, just as the little ones were able to learn from these and be motivated, inspired. TEDx performances are good because viewers get a live experience and if all goes well as different people, they get up from the chair afterwards. Among other things, we played a very interesting board game in the camp: the essence of the game called Voxpop is not who wins, but to develop the children’s ability to debate. I’ve seen such a form-breaking game a long time ago, and besides, it’s a Hungarian idea. Each round focuses on a very divisive topic and it is up to the children to argue for or against it. You have to pay attention to balance, so many times a person didn’t have to say the “pro” argument they preferred, but a “contra” argument. This game amusedly taught the kids to debate and prepare for a real, fair discussion. Girls and boys, playing mixed, showed with very exciting topics and reasoning that the debate really has a place in everyday life, in public discourse. This board game showed the little ones how to formulate argumentative positions and think critically. ” David Víg