Health Camp in Pécs

Health Camp in Pécs

“On 19 June, the week-long local health camp started in Pécs 3. A healthy body is a healthy soul, as the saying goes, and we will be carefully reviewing healthy lifestyle topics throughout the week. During the health camp we will focus on health promotion, good posture and first aid. The second half of the week will focus on healthy eating and body care.” Andrea Bálint-Orsós, mentor, Pécs Group 3


Monday: “Today the much anticipated health camp started. After arriving, freshly baked pastries were waiting for us on the kitchen table. The morning was filled with various tests and an opportunity to assess our annual performance. After a delicious lunch, we were given a presentation on health by the mentors. The presentation was interactive and we really enjoyed it. After the presentation, we were able to express our creativity in the form of a poster. We ended the day with an ice cream social.” Tamara Matakovics, Eszter Szabó-Körmendi, Miléna Szőke Enikő, Pécs Group 3

Tuesday: ‘On Tuesday, we arrived at the community centre to a delicious and substantial breakfast of muesli, yoghurts and sandwiches. After breakfast, we worked in small groups to make posters about spine problems based on what we had learned in the session. Then we were joined by speakers from the Buda Health Centre who gave us a session on correct posture and spinal problems. We did a series of 12 exercises, during which they scored our skills. Afterwards, we thanked them for their help and ended the session with a lunch together. We then took part in an interesting hair care programme where we discussed important hair care issues together. We also had an interesting kahoot game and competed with each other and made a poster on the topic. Afterwards, we packed up the tools we had used in the session and ended the day with an ice cream social.” Bálint Radics, Péter Gaál, Lázár Fülöp, Raul Kuti, Pécs Group 3

Wednesday: “On the 3rd day of the health camp, a paramedic instructor came to give a lecture in the morning. He talked to us about the steps of CPR and we were able to try chest compressions on a situation dummy, it was an interesting experience to see what it would feel like to resuscitate a real person. We were then introduced to the technique of stable lateral recumbency, which we practiced on each other. Thanks to the lecture, we learned many new things that we can use in real life, because if something happens to someone, we already know how to do the right thing and call the ambulance. During the afternoon, we heard a presentation from the paramedics on proper skin care and then used the knowledge we had gained to make posters to better illustrate the situation, presenting the diagrams with explanations to our group mates. At the end of the day, we concluded the programme with an ice cream, which was particularly enjoyable in the hot weather.” Emma Stefán, Hanna Tóth, Zsanett Zsagár, Pécs Group 3

Thursday: ” On Thursday morning, we reviewed what we’ve learned about hair care, and even more, including the right steps for washing your hair, why conditioner is important, how to use a flat iron without damaging your hair, and how heat protection works. The theory was also put into practice: the mentors turned the community centre into a real hairdressing salon, giving everyone a nice hairstyle. The really enterprising ones even got a makeover. Afterwards, a hearty, healthy lunch was served, which pleased even the most discerning. Afterwards, we visited Széchenyi Square for a refreshing dessert and even had a run under the parapet. The afternoon was crowned with a wet balloon battle. We had a soaking wet watermelon snack and then all did our bit to clean up the balloon debris. After such an eventful day, despite the heat outside, everyone went home with a smile on their face.” Zsagár Zsanett, Szabó- Körmendi Eszter, Pécs group 3

Friday: “The last day of the camp was dedicated to gastronomy and team-building games. The team’s favourite breakfast is French toast, so our task was to use the knowledge we had gained about healthy eating to create a healthy and delicious breakfast together. I feel that our goal was achieved to the maximum. 🙂 Due to the heat alarm, we reorganised our programme and instead of hiking, we played team-building games within the cool walls of the Community Centre. No summer without scones… – all members of the Pécs 3 group thought so and the combination of cheese and sour cream was the winner. We figured it out and made it for lunch. Our programme ended with a visit to the Mecsek Rally car parade on Széchenyi Square.” Andrea Bálint-Orsós, mentor, Pécs Group 3


Thank you to the mentors, colleagues, mentor assistants for making this super camp possible.

This is how we saw it….- through the eyes of our mentor assistants

“On the hottest days of June, the Health Camp of the small Pécs 3 group took place in the Pécs Community House. During the camp the children learned how to lead a healthy lifestyle. They learned about skin and hair care, correct posture, proper nutrition and CPR. During the camp, of course, in addition to helping my mentor with tasks such as keeping the community centre clean, etc., I captured every minute of the experience throughout the day by taking photos, which can be viewed on the website, and we organised team-building games for the children with the mentors. We had interesting conversations with the children about their facial care routines, for example, or what they think a healthy diet looks like. It was a special experience for me to see how the children relate to these topics, for example how they would act in an emergency. I think that the children gained very important knowledge that is important in our daily lives, and that every day of the camp had a significant team-building effect.” Ivett Majoros, Pécs Group 3, University of Pécs, Faculty of Natural Sciences, second year student of Sports Management

“This week the Pécs 3 group held a health camp at the Pécs Community Centre. The children gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, which we hope they will use in the future. In addition to helping my mentor with her work, we also organised educational activities. Our topics included general health topics such as mental and physical health, hair and skin care and healthy eating. We worked on these in the form of small projects. After the theoretical discussion, we had a little quiz to remind us, and then the children made beautiful colourful posters and drawings. On Wednesday, a paramedic instructor, Dr. Bálint Bánfai, from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs came to us and together we held a first aid course for the children, where they learned the correct ambulance call, the steps of CPR, stable side lying and a lot of new and useful information on the topic. The children actively and curiously participated in the session and I would like to organise another project day on this topic in the future, supported by my instructor and mentor. As there was a heatwave alert during the days, we also made sure that there were activities not only in the cool rooms, so we organised a water bomb and water gun battle. The children had a great time throwing water at each other, and we mentors treated them to more water from the upstairs window. Of course, there was also the daily ice cream and fruit. To round off the week, the main focus was on healthy eating, so in the morning we made two big portions of mixed salad and French bread with sour cream together. Of course the kids didn’t like the idea, but in the end almost everyone enjoyed breakfast. All in all, the camp was a very good atmosphere and an even more cohesive little community was forged among both the children and the mentors. I would like to continue to camp with the children in the future.” Zsanett Veréb, Pécs, Group 3, University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences, Paramedic, second year student

“During the week, the local health camp was held at the Pécs Community Centre, which was organised for the current sixth-form students. Every day there were health-related activities, which the children worked on in different and varied ways and enriched their knowledge. All the activities were interactive and everyone took part, which brought the group even closer together and brought us, the mentors, closer to them. Guest speakers and trainers came to share their knowledge on physical health and first aid. During the afternoons, we small mentors gave lectures on hair health, skin care and good nutrition. They processed this knowledge, made posters and filled in quizzes on the topics, and in some cases they also gained practical experience, such as the morning on hair care. The children were very active and showed great interest in the topics. They had a great time, laughing a lot, thinking together and testing their knowledge. Thanks to the warm weather, there was an opportunity to have a water balloon fight, which was very much enjoyed by the children and of course by us, the mentors. We ended the day with an ice-cream, which made everyone happy. I think that the camp was a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and forge the group into a real team.” Dzsenifer Csernyánszky, University of Pécs, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Geography, second year student

“Between 19 and 23 June, the Pécs Community House Pécs Group 3 organised a Health Camp. During the camp I did a variety of tasks, from giving a lecture on the importance of hair care, to making breakfast, to keeping the Community House clean. I also helped run the water balloon battle, corrected questionnaires and helped supervise the little ones’ agility and strength tests. The children learned almost by playing, learning lots of interesting facts while the House overflowed with fun. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the first half of the week, as I was still sitting for the oral exam, but I think I was able to do my best. I’m glad that I was able to contribute to an educational and fun camp through my work as a mentor.” Albert Laura Pécs Group 1

“This week we were able to participate as small mentors in the Csányi Foundation’s Health Camp in Pécs. The camp was very useful in terms of community building, as it strengthened the cohesion of our small team. Personally, I organised the water bomb battle, which was a great experience for young and old alike. On the last day we had a big festive breakfast in the community centre, together with the little ones. This process also only increased the harmony and cooperation in our community. We always ended the days with ice cream. I think that all participants benefited from this camp, both the younger ones and the older ones improved a lot. It is always a pleasure for me to camp with the younger ones, because I believe that this way I can give back to the next generation the good things I have already received and am receiving. It is a great experience for me to see how much our little group has grown in two years and I am very happy to be part of this development. Thank you very much to the Csányi Foundation and my mentor Aunt Andi for making it possible for me to participate in such a high quality camp.” Ákos Tarnay, Pécs Group 3 Óbuda University Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, second year student


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