Health camp in Kaposvár

Health camp in Kaposvár

The group of Kaposvár 1 was started their local camp to get the knowledge of heath life.

In the morning the children came to the Community House so excitedly because they had waited it so much. First Laszlo Osztopani – student of University Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences – lectured on heath life on a basic level. After this, the children was playing table soccer or could choose the world of Xbox. After the lunch they filled a pool which was created from the theme of health life. At the end of our first day, we went to have ice-cream and then they played on a playground.


Thanks to Cutler Gym, we spent the second day of our Health Camp in the gym, where exciting programmes awaited us. With the help of an aerobics class we properly warmed up for the fitness exercises coming next.  We did rope climbing, pull-ups and push-ups.  Finally we were shown how to use the work-out machines, treading mills and elliptical trainers and of course, we could try them too. We are very grateful for the kindness and helpfulness of the people working there and for them giving us an insight into there world. After lunch we talked over the importance of daily hygiene with the help of Mrs Tibor Meggyes, Miss Zsuzsa,  retired hygiene instructor.


On the third day we could learn about the importance of our mental health with the help of Miss Zsuzsi. We got some really good advice about how we can help ourselves or others in difficult emotional situations. After this we continued our day in the Fusion Racing Entertainment Centre, where plenty of excitement awaited us. We had lunch then we could choose from  several great games. We had a chance to go karting, play bowling, table football,  tabletennis or on an Xbox.  We left with a heavy heart as we gained some truly unforgettable experiences.

Our fourth day was all about entertainment provided by Katica Tanya in Patca. The morning started with some unforeseen adventure as part of the group with Miss Ibolya and Miss Ági got lost on the way there. After everybody had arrived though, we could start to explore the adventure valley. Only the lunch interrupted all the fun, which dominated the whole day. We could try a dozen of indoor and outdoor games, such as pedalled karting, a target shooting game with cannons and foam balls, an outdoor slide park and of course we could not miss the indoor slides and playhouse. By the end of the day we were suitably exhausted, but full of happy memories.

Today was the fifth that is the last day of the health camp. We started the day with shopping at one of the local fruit and vegetable shops, where we picked some nice fresh fuit. After getting back to the Community House everybody took part in preparing our first fruit salad. Then we headed for Kaposvár Rákóczi Stadium to see the final game of the age group U16 at the Youth Football Festival , which was organised by our town. Unfortunately the Kaposvár team was defeated 3:2 by the Swedish team, but we still had a great time cheering for them. After the match, we had lunch and for dessert we ate our fruit salad, already nicely chilled. Finally,  we said goodbye to each other with a bit of a heartache, as we had enjoyed each and every moment of the past week.