Footnotes to the recruitment process

Footnotes to the recruitment process

I believe writings regarding a celebration usually begins by stating that ‘celebrations are important because they make our every-day life special’. Even though this thought seems like a cliché, this is the exact sentence that I would like to begin my thanking speech with.

The biggest event in the life of a Community House is the day of Recruitment, where new talents are discovered and celebrated. From the application process until this point, there are many busy days to get through together to make sure everything falls in to place. During this time, we unite as one (even more than we usually do) and try our best to help each other.

This year, in the second half of March, there were Recruitment days in Mohács and Kaposvár. On both locations it was heartwarming to see the joint forces of parents, children, volunteers, and helpers, working on making this day a memorable one for the new talent-promises and to their parents. In Mohács, as a drama teacher, and in Kaposvár as a host, I was fully blown away by the perfect cooperation.

My writing was born with the purpose of thanking everyone by name, who made this day possible. Thank you to the parents (Királyné Szabó Orsolya, Belovitz Judit, Varga Beáta) who helped make the Community House more beautiful and organized and to the ones, who made delicious cookies and desserts that we could serve to our guests (Récsei Mónika, Árok-Vörös Ildikó, Ács-Kocsisné Balogh Mónika, Csutorás Melinda, Vinczéné Balhási Lili). Thank you for the work of the parents and volunteers (Horváthné Varga Tünde, Czene Ibolya, Nagy Andrea), who tirelessly spent their time helping out in the kitchen. We are thankful for the work of our volunteers, Tihanyi Ibolya and Skoda Valéria, who have led art workshops for our guests and helped them make beautiful souvenirs. Thank you to Horváth Sára, one of the alumni of our Foundation, who helped the recruitment process by volunteering to be the psychologist during this time.

Moreover, I would like to express my thankfulness to all the members of the Community House who have taken part in the process by welcoming our guests, conversing, and playing with them, tidying up the place, and to the ones, who have made sure the children are relaxed and ready for the interviews. It was delightful to make this day beautiful and memorable together.

Vancsuráné Sárközi Angéla mentor