Gala – Walk of Life Day 2014.

Gala – Walk of Life Day 2014.

The 9th Walk of Life Day takes place in Telki from 25th till 27th of August.


Walk of Life Day 2014 – the first day
Walk of Life Day 2014 – the second day
Walk of Life Day 2014 – the third day


The day of the Gala

8.30 am The day has come. At the Walk of Life day students of the Csányi Foundation show their annual work and their results in the school year. We truly hope that we could express our happiness and thankfulness with our performances and the exhibition put on display.

10.00 am The press conference started where also a statement is going to be signed sealing the cooperation between the Foundation and the University of Kaposvár.

11.00 am Apart from the English, German and Hungarian plays we also put other performances on stage. During the Gala our Cup was given to the best team appreciating the excellent performance shown during the annual Football Cup of the Foundation. Following that the Children’s Parliament announced the winners of its competition. Last but not least a special prize was given for students performing best in school and doing most for their communities, for those who participated in country or national study competitions and for those who did their best in the field of arts, sports or science.

5-6th grade – Ábel Balla
7-8th grade – Brúnó Faragó
9-10th grade – Dorottya Gaál
11-12th grade – Csilla Karácsony
University – Vivien Cserna

For closing the Gala the Csányi Band gave a fantastic show. All in present appreciated the performances and the achievements with a burst of applause.

13.30 pm It was a great honour playing against the team of All Stars, who won the match.

After the football match the prizes were given to the teams and players
The best junior player – Dániel Balogh
The best goalkeeper – Balázs Horváth
The best shooter – Bence Vigh
The best fielder – Attila Sipos
The best feamel player – Anna Terestyényi

I. place – green team
II. place – orange team
III. place – red team
IV. place – purple team


14.30 pm It was time to say goodbye. The days of the 9th Walk of Life day passed very quickly. It was more than great being together. Thank you very much for everything!


The second day

7.00 am We hardly can wait for the games prepared for us. It is going to last for the whole morning – hurray      I wonder what the rest of the day will bring … however one is for sure: we are together and that is the best thing happened with us.

9.00 am The weather isn’t so pleasing, we hope that it will not rain. We met on the football field where the creative team bulidig games and activities will take place. The moderator together with the organisers are more than cheerful and their happiness and optimism are catchy, no wonder that we all wish to start the games as soon as possible. 🙂  We have now our team leaders and after choosing the team’s name the game can start.

As we saw it:
It was round 2 pm when the team building activities ended. To tell the truth there were quite difficult tasks as well, however we mastered all of them. The best activity was the so called “drink while you ride” 🙂 We worked as real teams do and laughed a lot. It was pure fun. Áron and Kornél

13.30 pm The school leavers and the university students could take part on an educational and informative workshop of the Y Generation. While searching for the perfect job and school to study to we surly can use their hints given today. We were pleased to hear them.

16.00 pm The final round of the Foundation’s Football Cup was more than exciting. Eight teams were competing. It was good to see that our fellows cheered for us till the end of the football matches. Congratulation to the winners: I. green, II. orange, III. red team

19.00 pm
The rehearsals were waiting for us at the end of the day, following that we sat together and had a chat. till it was time to go to sleep. It was a lovely day!

The first day

10.00 am The day has come – we all were very happy seeing all the busses arriving to Telki. It was fantastic welcoming each other. It is great to be together again.

12.00 am On our first meeting our leaders and all the mentors discussed the daily programme.

13.00 pm We were more than hungry, so we enjoyed every bite. Everybody agreed on the fact that we have a grat chéf.

13.30 pm The students who enrolled university here in Budapest visited the dormitory in which they can move into from the beginning of September.

14.00 pm We all have been busy with the exhibition: we wish to show how much we love our home town, what is important in our everydays, what makes our group and Community House so special.
16.00 pm
The Foundation announced a competition in which we invited the all the groups for a performance. It was more than fantastic. The kids designed the costumes and how the stage should look like. Also they sang the songs and played the music. It was fantstic. We truly hope that this show will be a tradition of the Foundation.

17.30 pm The Children’s Parliament of the Csányi Foundation had a meeting to discuss the tasks for the coming school year. This time the main topics were: university students’ life, everydays and obligations.

19.30 pm Last but not least the Csányi Band gave an awesome concert. On the top of that they also surprised us with their CD. Our first day ended with Ms. Erika’s surprise. She not only awarded the first three gropus of the song competition, but all the others. So now we are happy owners of a great table-football table, we can visit aqua world and watch together a 4D film. Thank you for everything!

As our volunteers saw it
We really enjoyed the show. We felt the hours of practise and commitment that went into proceding this great show. Congratulations to all of the participants and people who were included. Thank you for the experience. Ádám, Tamás, Flóris