Pécsi Roland Csaba

“In 2006 I joined the Csányi Foundation’s Jászság Group 1. At first it was very difficult to get hooked, I did not really want to talk to anyone in the beginning. Later on, this changed, I always expected common trips, camps, where it was great to meet with the “Csanyi” students coming from the other community houses. I like to remember the soccer tournaments in Nagybajom, the evenings and nights spent in Kaposvár when we talked instead of sleeping. Chess has played an important role in my life so far. It was therefore a great experience to take part in the Polgár Sakkfesztivál, and to play with Zsófia Polgár and Judith Polgár simultaneously. The importance of the English language really came out when I was able to talk to foreign volunteers. With the AIESEC volunteer from Italy called Eliza Zorzetto, I participated in many joint programs. I will never forget the many development classes that I have attended during the years, the language exams when we were curious about the passage. My most beautiful, most memorable years are due to the Foundation. I am grateful to be a member of this great team.”