Levente Varga

“By the end of my studies, I would like to express my appreciation and appreciation to all those who helped me with their help, support and tired work to my success, my profession and many unforgettable experiences. Thanks to all those who helped my development with out-of-school development lessons and skills development. Within the Foundation, I had a lot of experience in camps, excursions, Guidance Day for which I am very grateful. I would like to thank you for all the financial and material contributions I received from the Csányi Foundation and its supporters. All of these experiences, friendly relationships are spiritual and monetary values ​​that I know, without the help of the Csányi Foundation, from my own power, I would not have achieved it. Finally, thanks to my mentor, Judit Sziráki, who always provided assistance in all areas, advised me if I needed to be relieved or sometimes I had to go back to the way I should go, which I was already doing alone.”

Varga Levente