Healthcare Camp in Kaposvár

Healthcare Camp in Kaposvár

The health camp in Kaposvár started in good mood and bright sunshine on Monday morning 24 June.

We started the health camp in Kaposvár with a pleasant swim in the Virágfürdő. Besides swimming, we played volleyball, badminton, chess and board games in the shade.

“I really enjoyed the day we spent at the Flower Baths, I love swimming and sliding and there was no shortage of either on Monday.We had a lot of fun with the others and we were able to discuss with our mentor to stay a little longer if you would like to. ” – Lilian Francsiscs K1


On Tuesday, we visited the Donneri Sports Centre where we took part in tennis lessons. After an unusual, playful warm-up, we learned the basics of the sport step by step. By the end of the programme we were able to play small matches against each other. After an active morning, mental health also played an important role. After lunch, we headed to the cinema to watch the second part of Brainiacs. The film made a big impression on the children, who, because of their age, could easily identify with the feelings and thoughts of the main character and the challenges of adolescence.

“Tennis was a bit tiring, but I was very happy to finally try this sport. I’ve always wondered what tennis would be like, and to be honest it’s a bit more tiring than I thought, but it’s still a very fun form of exercise.”- Kíra Kecskés

On Wednesday morning, our mentors (Mirjam Bartyik, Zsófia Trixler) gave a presentation on harmful addictions. After the presentation, an informal discussion took place, where the children could freely share their thoughts on the topic. In the afternoon, we went kite boarding on the Deseda as a team-building activity. Despite the scorching sun, the paddle was a good time and luckily no one fell into the water. Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to do the leisure activity that suited them best. The more energetic ones opted for more sport and played beach volleyball, while the others finished the day with board games.

“I’m glad I got to try kite flying, but my favourite part of the afternoon was volleyball” – Kevin Pápai

Thursday was a day of creative freedom, as we made environmental posters under the guidance of our mentor, Nóra Nógrádi. After the creative process, the groups presented their work. There were different approaches, but of course everyone tried to take the topic seriously. In order to make sure that the knowledge acquired during the camp had been mastered, a quiz was organised. To keep up the competitive spirit, the winners received small prizes. After the theory, it was time for practice, and together we prepared a healthy lunch. To round off the day, we did yoga and ended with a relaxation session.

On Friday the BEK came to us, we started the morning with a spine workout. The young people were enriched with useful and new information, and after lunch they had the opportunity to paint outdoors. In the afternoon, the youngest children came to the community centre to meet the other groups. The atmosphere was relaxed thanks to the socialising and informal conversations.

“Overall, the camp had a team-building effect; I see that relationships were deepened and the little ones gained a good amount of useful knowledge. I am particularly happy that the children feel safe with us and that this is reflected in their approach.” – Zsófia Trixler K1

Mirjam Bartyik K1, Nóra Nógrádi K3, Zsófia Trixler K1