You are valuable!

You are valuable!

On the project day of February 6, our group worked again in small groups. The work was very enthusiastic in all three groups, and the puppets belonging to the tales were almost complete, so the making of the sets could begin. It was good to see the kids split the steps of the workflow among themselves and everyone was concerned with what he chose, what he was good at. The morning passed very quickly,  the puppets and fairy tale sets are waiting in a box for the next project day to fall into the hands of the kids again.

And after lunch, we continued our day with Beáta Illés, with whom we processed Max Lucado’s Tale of You are Valuable on the occasion of the series “Here I Am, I Shine”. Finally, the children talked about the mood and typical behavior of the teenagers with the help of pictures.

Marianna Halász, mentor, K4

“I really liked the story about the wood elves. Overall, I had a great time.” (Nóra Burucz, K4)

“We had a good time today. It was a project day in the morning and with Aunt Bea in the afternoon. We could hear a nice tale and then everyone told which detail touched he the most. For me, the lesson of the whole story was what made me think.” (Eszter Kovács, K4)

If you would like to listen to the story, you can find it here: