On 19th November we saw a fantastic performance in the Opera of which we can’t seem to get enough of.

Thank to Ms Erika we had the chance to see fascinating Madama Butterfly, the opera written by Puccini.

“This evening we felt like real ladies being able to enjoy the romantic, lyrical, emotional and utterly heart-breaking classical opera called Madama Butterfly form Puccini. The whole performance and the place itself was just magical and impressive. Last summer as winners of the Foundation’s annual language competition I had the pleasure to watch a musical called Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, which dealt with a similar topic. However this opera will always remain one of my favourites. Thank you!” Viktoria

“The opera itself and its dramatic ending had a strong impact on us. The building of the Opera House, its architecture, the simple but still expressive stage offered a gorgeous spectacle. We both are theatre fans, but this was an experience for life … nothing to be compared to. However we knew the play and its outcome, the whole piece and the wonderful music occupied our attention till the very end … oh how we wished to have the chance to discuss that in details after the performance, as the content, its moral, the powerful narrative had considerable effect on our heart, mind and emotion.” Nikoletta and Petra

Thank you so much for offering us to chance! Thank you for the evening Ms Erika!

Kovács Viktória, BME engineering, 1st year
Kollárovics Petra, Corvinus University of Budapest, engineering 1st year
Balogh Nikoletta, KRE, linguistics, 1st year
Hollósi – Simon Judit