Félévi szóbeli nyelvi vizsgák

Félévi szóbeli nyelvi vizsgák


On Friday afternoon, December 10, the online oral rounds of the language competition also took place continuously in the Nagybajom Community House of the Csányi Foundation. The children were able to report their knowledge of english and german before 2-2 committees.

“I conscientiously prepared for the exam – because the stakes are high because it largely depends on whether I can get into a foreign language camp – to get as many points as possible. I was also curious about how much my English had improved since I took my basic language exam. ”

(Jázmin Orsós, Nagybajom Group 1)

“The German exam consisted of two parts: first we had to talk about a given topic and then a picture description. I received the agenda as a subject. I didn’t feel difficult, as Aunt Andi and I had been practicing for the exam for a long time, so I was able to talk about the lot with confidence. ”

(Vajda Milán, Nagybajom Group 2)