Oral examination

Oral examination

The Csányi Foundation runs oral examinations for each of their groups during January in order to check students’ progress in their learning of the English and German languages.

Students having the best performance throughout the school year, will be awarded by a language course in the summer either in Britain or in Germany.

On January 10th, the first group was tested in Kaposvár. Eight students took the challenge and hit their target; they succeeded with the oral exam (B1&B2 level in German language). Congratulations to all involved!

Their task was to present clear and detailed descriptions (topic, picture description and role play) on a wide range of topics covered during the first term. Students were given the opportunity to explain their viewpoints on the given topic.  With this event, the language exam period in the Community Houses has now begun.

The dates of examinations are the following: Kaposvár (17-18 January), Szeged (24-25 January), Pécs (26 January, 4 February, Jászberény (28 January), Nagybajom (28 January).