Football and chess tournament in Nagybajom

Football and chess tournament in Nagybajom

On 1 April, all the football and chess players from the Community House travelled to Nagybajom to participate in the second round of the Football and Chess Championship for the 2022/2023 school year. This year, nearly 70 children entered the tournament organised by the Children’s Parliament. After the autumn round in Mohács, everyone fought to improve their results in the standings. The event was opened by Nadin Kuckó, President of the Children’s Parliament, and Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Director of Operations, welcomed the participants and guests. After the opening ceremony, the duels started both on the football field and on the chess boards. Meanwhile, the representatives of the Children’s Parliament held their annual meeting. Among the items on the agenda, the main topic was the Festival of Life’s Path, including the discussion of the tasks and the nominees for the Foundation’s Ambassador of the Year Award.

The current state of the football championship:

Juniors League

Orange team 5 points
Purple team 8 points
Light green team 10 points
Orange team 10 points

Seniors Championship

Lemon team 3 points
Team Dark Green 6 points
Red team 9 points

Current standings of the chess championship:

10th place – Dániel Forgó, Balázs Nagy
9th place – Boglárka Szalai
8th place – Viktória Forgó, Zalán Mácsai
7th place – Bánk Kohári
6th place – Nikolett Juhász-Aba
5th place – Dániel Vincze
4th place – Füle Viktória
3rd place – Richárd Nagy
2nd place – Krisztián Schneider
1st place – Márk Pozsonyi

The next round and the finals will be held at the Festival of Life in Zanaka.