The Foundation’s Football Championship

The Foundation’s Football Championship

The second round of the Foundation’s Football Championship of 2015/2016 was organised on the 12th of March in Nagybajom.

Due to the cold spring weather the matches were held in the sport hall. The 10 teams played 15 matches altogether. The players knew each other very well and the promises of these games were eventful and productive. At the end of the day, prizes which offered by the Children’s Parliament were handed over to Anna Terestyényi and Dénes Kormos.

The next round will be in Kaposvár at the Életút Nap,



Results of the Football Championship


Secondary and University students Championship

1. Red team: 13 points

2. Yellow team: 7 points

3. White team: 6 points

4. Dark green team: 5 points


Top Scorers:

1. Jávorka Patrik, Varga Levente: 6 goals

2. Hortobágyi Bence: 5 goals

3. Simon Mátyás: 4 goals

4. Szappanos Ádám: 3 goals

5. Galambos Krisztián, Rafael József, Pécsi Roland, Giber Tibor, Balog Dániel, Buda Máté, Sipos Attila, Vígh Bence, Vugernicsek Zsolt: 1 goal


Primary School Pupil’s Championship

1. Red team: 13 points

2. Light blue: 7 points

3. Orange team: 6 points

4. Dark blue team: 6 points

5. Light green team: 3 points

6. Purple team: 3 points


Top Scorers:

1. Kormos Dénes, Zombori Dániel: 5 goals

2. Holecska Bálint: 4 goals

3. Steinbach Dominik: 3 goals

4. Balogh Krisztián, Kern Andor, Petes Balázs: 2 goals

5. Suhajda Márk, Pap László Györk: 1 goal