Focus on water

Focus on water

“Environmental awareness means responsible behavior with the living space, the biosphere, the human environment. In the environmental awareness project, the students of the Csányi Foundation in Jászberény approach this current topic from many different directions, and they hope that their results will contribute to changing the lifestyle of themselves and those around them. The wildlife and environment group chose water as one of the environmental factors to study. After all, water plays a huge role in the biosphere. It affects the distribution of plant and animal species in essential life functions. We try to go around the properties and role of water and the water cycle. According to our plan, we are looking for the effect of the inhabited environment, the industrial environment on the composition of rainwater, and its consequences, the relationship between humans and natural waters, and their effect on wildlife. The collection and testing of the precipitate for pH has already started. We wonder if there will be acid rain at the twenty collection points. The weather has only favored us four times so far.

The natural living water of the Jászság is the Zagyva. A tributary of the Zagyva passes through Jászberény, this is the so-called urban Zagyva, and the main branch bypasses the city. We have a collection point in four places in the urban Zagyva, on the main branch before the branching and after the opening of the urban branch into the main branch. That is, in a total of six sampling locations, children collect the water sample once a week. The current task is to record the visible characteristics of the water around the sampling site and to measure its pH. As the weather improves, we will expand the investigation. So far, water samples have been collected six times, and the children have also started the analysis. As expected, they work exactly, skillfully. ” Terézia Csörgő, volunteer, developer teacher


“We started this project in September on the recommendation of our mentor and we enthusiastically embarked on this great task. We consider it an interesting project, because every week we take samples at different points of the inner Zagyva river, then we return to the community house and look at the pH values, to our surprise we also got interesting results. We will continue to work resolutely on it and look forward to the outcome of this project, which will be complemented by other research findings. We see with regret that the only river in our city, our habitat: there is a lot of rubbish along the Zagyva and in the Zagyva, and other pollution and this is getting worse, these will cause huge problems. We are very happy that our own groupmates are also happy to help with the research, and the children bring rainwater samples from each group to the house. Thanks to Terézia Csörgő for working together and each project session is in a good mood and passes successfully. ” Kis Evelin, Pintér Nóra Jászság Group 3

“On Saturday, it was a pleasure to return to the Jászberény Community House of the Csányi Foundation, because everything that is good in my life is starting from now on. It is also a pleasure to see the little ones who are consciously committed to nature conservation and environmental awareness. The collection of rainwater and the research of the composition of the water of the Zagyva under the guidance of the volunteer teacher of the Bonis Bona Award will greatly contribute to the development of the young people’s scientific knowledge.

Today we heard an exciting performance from Kis Evelin and then completed a very enjoyable quiz on World Water Day. The main topic of the lecture was also water, focusing on the river Zagyva connected to Jászberény, which is suitable for water measurements and research. Throughout the year, the community house in Jászberény explores water as an indispensable living space for human life. The research presents the pH value, composition and wildlife of rainwater and Zagyva. To my surprise, the test caught on to me in many places as well, as most of the questions also focused on real issues and health topics, so it dissected a very topical topic. All four groups in the community house were present at the program and actively participated, and even pH could measure the volunteers. I think it is very important to update the foundation’s developments to the challenges of the future, so thank you very much on behalf of my younger colleagues for the Csányi Foundation’s emphasis! ” Víg Dávid, university student Jászság group 3