News from Pécs

News from Pécs

News in spring from Pécs.

“Fizibusz” was in Pécs

The groups in Pécs from the Csányi Foundation could take part in a lecture on the 5th March, in 2010 organised by the Trading, Tourist and Catering Vocational School in Pécs. This was called a “fizibusz” lecture, where some mechanical physical experiments were presented. The perfect explanation, the wonderful lecture made the students interested in Physics.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Lecture on Human Papilloma Virus

At the Community House in Pécs, the girls and their mothers were given a lecture on Human Papilloma Virus by dr. Bea Kanizsai. During the lecture she talked about the virus itself, how to prevent it and some other female genital diseases. The people taking part in this lecture with their questions, made the occassion very interesting.