The life of a logistics-man

The life of a logistics-man

The Csányi Foundation announced a competition called “Gyakorlat teszi a mestert IV.” supported by BONAFARM Group. As my specialty is Commerce and Marketing, I wrote my application in this topic.

As a result, I could spend a whole day with Róbert Hanyecz – who is the Head of Meat Logistics – to learn new things and get practical experience. We met on the 22nd April in Pécs at the works of Pick Szeged company. After getting to know each other, Róbert was talking about the construction of the company, what the different sectors responsible for, especially logistics. We visited the place where people work. It was in their lunch-time, so we had enough time to look round.

In the afternoon we went to the cold store. (minus 40 degrees is so cold, minus 21 is quite enjoyable). Getting back from it, we visited the wrapper store and went back to the office. I could met the members of the group who are responsible for production, everybody told me what they exactly have to do day-by-day. At the end of the day, I saw how the slaughter-house in Mohács would be, what kind of systems will work there.

I would like to say thank to the Csányi Foundation, BONAFARM Group, Pick Szeged company, Róbert Hanyecz – Head of Meat Logistics and last, but not least to the workers of the company for this unforgettable day.


Péter Kálmán, Kaposvár 1.