Children’s parliament in Kaposvar

Children’s parliament in Kaposvar

The suggestions of the Children’s Parliament in the new school year

Children’s Parliament of our Foundation had their first assembly on the eve of the football championship. On the tryst the participants had a lot of things to do. The invitation of the competitions, programs of the Walk of Life Day, renewal of the places were the items on the agenda.

There was a big discussion about the efficiency of the competitions, the participative scale, the appraisal of the competitios after the lock up (or the shortage of it), interesting and exciting proposals also were drawn up. It was imoprtant on the competitions, so in the near future this form will be more priorised. There were little suggestions about the assemblage of the Walk of Life Day’s groups. Everyone found the programs useful and exciting though everyone would like a bit more of free time, temporarily we couldn’t find out any wiser thing than the traditional programs.

The renewal of the places was taken to the next tryst in January, until then the candidates can introduce themselves, share their notions and with these things easing the selection.

The representatives determined the date of the next tryst, till then there is a lot of things to do in every group.


Gábor Szabó, the President of the Children’s Parliament