The Rights of the Child

The Rights of the Child

On 5th May a conference was organised at European Youth Centre in Budapest, where strategy for the rights of the Child was discussed involved not only the professionals and representatives of the areas but also youths who are affected with the issue.

The new Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2016-2021) is the third children’s rights strategy of the Council of Europe.

The new plan identifies five priorities for all 47 member states to guarantee the rights of the child:


1.    Equal opportunities
2.    Participation of children
3.    A life free from violence
4.    Child-friendly justice
5.    Children’s right in the digital environment

The Strategy has been developed in an intergovernmental and truly participatory process with the involvement of governments, international organisations, civil society, experts and children.

The Strategy clearly defines expected impact and outcome under each priority area so performance can be evaluated at regular intervals. The first evaluation will take place in three years’ time.