Before travelling home

Before travelling home

On the first day of the camp the campers have arrived. They were welcomed by Szabó Gábor who prepared with his presentation by the help of a few videos. These made the youngsters more open minded.

After that, we spent the time with team-building games till lunch. Afterward Lévay Melitta made a presentation about how learning can be easier and how to process the useful informations. They may use it in the next days. Following was the games. We played „csocsó”, football, ballgames, english and we read books. We held a movie night after dinner.

Ádám: The lunch was more than I expected.

Gábor: The pleasure is mine to met new friendly people.

Szidi: The companionable and spinning game was really good.

Nelli: I liked the team-building games very much.

Zsuzsi: I loved the presentations and the delecious lunch.

Heni: The relaxing went in good mood and we liked games and to be together.

Dezsőke: I liked playing with my friends.

Norbi: The resting in the afternoon was great.

Olivér: The lunch was great and I liked it.

Pali: The team-building games went really good.

The second (26. June) day started very early. All of the kids were already up at 7 o’clock and continued on the yard where we had a short stretching. It was not easy to stay awake at the classes and lessons in the morning as it was another hot day. However the afternoon cheered us up as after saying memorizing the homework we had experiments and made a REAL volcano with Melitta. Gábor asked us tricky questions inquiring whether we had sharp ears listening to his presentation about the Csányi Foundation a day ago. We were curiously waiting for the result who won the quiz. Ádám was today as well very diligent and took so many good photos making lovely memories to keep for the future. And how to make the day more perfect as with cheering for the Hungarian national team against Belgium 🙂

Heni: It was amazing when the Vulcan errupted during the experimenting! It was exciting. But the stretching was also excellent in the morning.

Olivér: My favourite part of the day was the afternoon’s programmes.

Ádám: There were no puliszka!

Gábor: As for me the English lessons were exciting and playing with the little ones were great as well.

Today was about the talent day, youngsters of Hargita county surprised their fellows with dancing, singing, and they elected the most beautiful and confidenced ladies among themselves. We couldn’t skip the lunch this day as well, we could taste the local special food the kürtöskalács. During the afternoon’s siesta we could listen to two undoubtedly amazing concerts which will be memorable for us in the future. Besides the programs there were mountain rescue and drugs prevention and crafting tents. At the end of the day as we got home we were playing tabletennis, and football.

How we saw it

Kinga: It was a great opportunity to meet the children who I had met many years ago and we still could talk with each other and laugh a lot.

Gábor: I liked the card party very much after dinner.

Miss Judit: For me thebest part of the day was that I could met almost every children from last years’ camps and they told me what happened with them and how their fate is continued.

Our day was very eventful. Few of them went to explore the beautiful landscape of Transylvania: We got an opportunity to visit the closer places like in a fairy tale.  We set off for our tour after breakfast with the help of our driver: Jani. Our first step was the Gyilkos poe where we could admire rocking boats between logs. Afterward we drove to the Békás-szoros. We visited a few shopkeeper and bought some gift for home. On our way to the camp we could admire the beautiful landscape from the Pongrác-tető. After our arriving we joined the group where we spent the time with exciting tasks. We hope that we will have more opportunity to visit more magnificient areas like this.

Another day was waiting for the youngsters where they could extend their knowledge. We didn’t bother about the weather. The team-ability contest was the main role in the afternoon. But there were candy hunting and crafting as well. The bravest ones could sing their favourite songs. As usual we couldn’t skip the traditional puliszka. After walking back we had some free time before bedtime, there we could talk and enjoy each other’s company.

As we saw it

Melitta: The children were very grateful and they want to give a piece of that we gave them.

Olivér: The best part of the day was the crafting.

Norbi: The English lesson was cool, but I also liked the contests.

Szili: My favourite program was the candy-hunting.


Time has arrive when we said farewell to the English camp. Tomorrow we are dashing into the secrets of the German language. Today we enjoyed working in groups and were lucky to understand what was going during the lesson, thanks for Kinga who was explaining us everything with great care. It pleased us cheering for each other giving a helping hand if it is needed. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to three of our friends because they were going to take their exams tomorrow – We are truly missing them but we have our fingers cross for them. However life did not stop and as the afternoon was approaching we did our best competing with each other while cheering and shouting loudly for our team members. I can’t convey into words how good it felt laughing and smiling by heart enjoying the splendid weather. You would think the evening was only waiting for us by relaxing sleeping hours, but you are mistaken. We hardly could wait for getting into the house where we could make a real treat for ourselves by baking our cookies. What a lovely day.

As we saw it

Szidi: I liked the team play and baking.

Rivi: My favourite part of the day was the contests.

Norbi: The best events of the day were the team plays and afternoon’s relaxing.

Klemi: Today’s best program was the contest.

On 30th June we after having a delicious breakfast we started getting known the similarities and differences of the German, Rumanian and Hungarian culture. We loved the exercises and the tasks. It made us even happier to know that the one speaking German could help the one who did not know anything about this language. It was a pleasure to be there when we were needed. Well lunch approached so fast and after eating our portion it was enjoyable to go to have an afternoon nap. This hour helped us to gain some energy for the tasks waiting for us. After waking up we walked to the class room where we practised some grammar and memorised the vocabulary and role plays learnt this morning. It was great to find out how much we know. Our hearts were filled with proudness to say everything by heart! Music had also an important role today. While we were making some basic and spectacle experiments we could enjoy listening to the songs played on guitar by one of our mates. The weather being nice we decided to stay in the fresh air by playing some games in groups. After sunset we were hunting for some sweets hidden in the garden especially for us! What a beautiful day!

On Friday morning (1st July) we spent the time with foreign language learning where Kinga prepared with colourful tasks. After lunchtime we made interesting and funny programs for the children as we had done that before, Ádám held his presentation about sport and healthy lifestyle. He gave countless good advices to us. During afternoon Csabi brought an entertaning quiz for us to train our brain a littlebit. The prizes couldn’t be skipped. We spent the other part of the day with baking where we made biscuits rolls with coconut, this went in really good mood, After a delicious dinner we visited the neightbours where we were participaing in our first herb festival. There were many great scent in the air. We also had a chance to show our crafting skills, we could walk and try out the exciting playground. In the evening we listened to music talked with each other and laugh a lot.


As we saw

Rivi: The best part of the day was the english lesson.

Paul: I liked the quiz.

Döme: As for me, the favourites programs were the learning and baking.

Heni: When I played pillow fight with Rivi.


On the last morning of the camp (2nd June) we said goodbye to our friends with a touching video that contained pictures which were taken in the past few weeks. We could experience many tearful eyes and true smiles from the children. We left many tears behind us when we said farewell to our mates. During the afternoon we visited the „Ezer Székely Leány nap” named event. There was a beautiful panorama from the top of the hill and it was such a fantastic experience to meet with hussars. In the late afternoon the last two groups also went home but we are looking forward to meeting them. In the evening we spent the time with playing csocsó a talking with each other.